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Days of Our Lives Recap: Vincent Takes Off and Ciara Goes BOOM!

Days of Our Lives

Michael Teh

On today's Days of Our Lives Recap: We begin our day in Salem with Abigail (Marci Miller) not really picking up what Chad (Billy Flynn) is trying to lay down. Chad wants her to ignore Jake (Brandon Barash), but Abigail is all hell to the naw. She wants to know what he's not telling her about Gwen (Emily O'Brien). Chad doesn't put up much of a fight before he admits that Gwen laid lips on him. 

Upstairs, Gwen picks up her suitcase, not to pack, but to find a tiny little vile of lovely, liquid destruction. She remembers a dinner from long ago when Abigail and Chad were celebrating Gabi's (Camila Banus) downfall with champs! They leave the table for some reason, which gives Gwen the chance to drop some sweet, sweet poison in what she hopes is Abigail's hooch. Why? Back to present day, Gwen wants to give Abigail another dose of pretty poison when Jake enters and wonders what's going on.

At the hospital, Xander (Paul Telfer) comes up behind Dr. Sarah (Linsey Godfrey and gives her precious kisses. She reciprocates and is just giddy with lovey love. Xander loves Sarah, but is in no mood to talk about Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson).

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In Horton Square, Belle (Martha Madison) is drinking water, or hopefully vodka, and is talking to Marlena (Deidre Hall). She relays that Vincent's (Michael Teh) fiancée was Wendy - the midwife Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) killed before he tried to set Chabby aflame.

Across town, Shawn Douglas (Brandon Beemer), Hope (Kristian Alfonso), and Ben approach Vincent's car, guns drawn, demanding Vincent exit the vehicle. Hope orders him on the ground, but Vincent takes off. As Hope and Shawn Douglas chase him, Ben stays to retrieve Ciara Alice (Victoria Konefal) from the car, but alas, it goes BOOM!

That's how our day began in Salem. What did you think of the entire episode? Watch the video below and sound off in the comments!

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