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Kelly Clarkson Calls Remote Filming Mid-Pandemic "a Turd of a Situation"

Kelly Clarkson is revving up to film season two of The Kelly Clarkson Show this fall. However, she taped the chatfest remotely from her Montana property this past summer, in league with COVID-19 guidelines, but that proved a real challenge.

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In a new profile in the Los Angeles Times, Clarkson reflected on her unexpected turn from singing to hosting a talk show. She said:

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I will be completely honest, and I have been since the beginning: I did not want this job I say that it’s the dream I didn’t know I had because I talk to so many people, and not just celebrities. I’ve talked to the people that have been hit hardest in all of this — financially, emotionally, mentally ... it’s really the everyday people on this show that have just lifted my spirits when I’ve been feeling like, ‘Oh my God, nothing else could possibly go wrong at this point, like, send in the locusts.

Meanwhile, Clarkson called parenting, virtual filming, and managing life during pandemic (and after filing for divorce) "a turd of a situation." She admitted:

That was not fun. I’m trying to smile and light up America’s life [and] I’m just wanting to drown myself in the creek next to me ... I do remember, right before then, I was like: ‘Look, at some point, people in the limelight are humans too and we’re all going through the same roller coaster as everyone else. So sometimes I don’t want to smile.’ I was honest about that. It doesn’t matter who you are, it’s all relative to your own world.