Perkie's Observations: Liz and Nikolas Play Couple Swap on General Hospital

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Rebecca Herbst, Marcus Coloma

Rebecca Herbst, Marcus Coloma

Liz complains to Nikolas that his marriage to Ava is ruining her marriage to Franco. She says Ava's always running to Franco when she has problems with Nikolas. Nikolas says she has no worries unless she thinks Franco will be tempted by Ava. 

Liz admits she forgave Nikolas and he promises to make the most of his second chance. Nikolas says he's missed her and will always be there for her. Liz says there's distance in her marriage now and doesn't understand how it happened so quickly. Liz and Nikolas share a kiss.

Franco tells Ava he needs time to repair her portrait, but Liz has issues with the time he spends with Ava. Franco says Liz isn't happy with the focus on his past. Ava counters that Liz should be trying to support Franco's passion. 

Franco feels Liz is worried the publicity will affect the family negatively. Ava thinks Liz doesn't want Franco to succeed in the art world since she failed at art. Ava says he shouldn't downsize his dreams to fit Liz's life. 

Ava thinks Liz and Franco aren't a good match. Franco says Ava has always supported him, but feels her marriage to Nikolas is wrong. He feels Ava deserves better than Nikolas. Ava can't believe Franco sees the good in her. Franco and Ava share a kiss. 

Robert's upset about Holly's memorial. Olivia says it's about what the deceased person means to loved ones. Robert's glad Olivia is with him . . .  to listen to and ramble on. Olivia steps away for a moment and Robert gets a phone call from a blocked caller. A woman's voice, who sounds a lot like Holly, tells Robert she needs his help. Then, he loses the connection. 

Robert calls the WSB to get a trace on the call. Olivia returns and Robert explains the call. Olivia questions how it could be Holly. Robert says it could have been a recording, but either way wants to know the truth.

Robert gets a call back that the phone call came from Monte Carlo. He makes plans to head there and send Olivia back to Port Charles. Olivia refuses, saying she's going with him. Olivia leaves a voicemail for Ned that she won't be back for a few days. 

Dev, Cameron, and Joss talk about going to the homecoming dance as a group. Joss heads out to visit with Mike. Cameron tells Dev that he thinks Joss likes him. (I don't think that's how teenage boys talk!)

Nina's nervous to meet the jeweler who created the clasp on her necklace. Jax reassures her. They show the necklace to Abraham, who says he made hundreds of them. Nina mentions about the heart being split. Abraham remembers it since it was an unusual request.

Nina shows him a photo of her mother, but Abraham doesn't recognize her. She says the necklace was done in 1991 and Abraham checks his records. Of course, he finds the original receipt, even though this was 29 years ago. Nina recognizes the name on the receipt: Phyllis Caulfield. 

Stella's at Turning Woods to visit with Mike. Sonny tells her about the visit to the racetrack. Ned stops by to tell Sonny that Dante didn't want to see Olivia. Ned worries that Olivia is setting herself up for disappointment. 

Josslyn, Carly, and Sonny are there with Stella when Mike starts having trouble breathing. The nurse says Mike has pneumonia and Stella says the end is near. She tells everyone to say their goodbyes.