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The Young and the Restless Recap: Adam and Sharon Make an Emotional Reconnection

Adam Newman, Sharon Newman, The Young and the Restless

Mark Grossman, Sharon Case

Fully awake Adam (Mark Grossman) wonders what in the world Sharon (Sharon Case) is apologizing for. She has to shesplain herself to say she lost it when she got fed up and left his triflin' self at the seedy motel room where he's been shackin' up.

Adam, who's really feelin' himself right now, declares her an old friend who can be, say, or do anything in his esteemed company. He admits his selfish ass turned to her because Sharon understands him like no one else do. Sharon gets it, but when she comments that it may burst their professional bubble, the duo go with it because Adam hath declared himself . . . fixed. They both agree Sharon has nothing to apologize for.

Turnabout is fair play kiddo. Adam offers his ear to Sharon, who admits she thought she could handle anything. Sharon tells him she's been there before (implying WITH Adam). He gets it, as she wordlessly accepts his open arms.

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Later, Sharon falls asleep . . . not in her own bed, but in the fleabag motel room. Adam writes a note that he's leaving and will be back soon.

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