Perkie's Observations: Britt Is Large and In Charge on General Hospital

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Kelly Thiebaud

Kelly Thiebaud

Franco and Ava break off their kiss. Ava says she knows how much Franco loves Liz and wants to preserve her own marriage. Franco wonders if she has feelings for Nikolas, but Ava claims she despises him. Franco suggests she gets a little somethin' somethin' on the side, but Ava says if she does, she'll lose the whole fortune. She's in the marriage until Nikolas screws things up.

Liz and Nikolas break off their kiss. Liz says she can't do this to Franco. She's upset that she might have given Nikolas the wrong idea. Nikolas complains about his loveless, sexless marriage. Liz says he needs to get out of it. Nikolas says he can't give up and Ava needs to be the first to cheat, otherwise he'll lose the money. 

Cameron tells Dev he doesn't know where he stands with Joss or Trina, and doesn't want to mess things up. Dev tells Cameron to pick one and set the other free. Cameron figures Dev doesn't know what he's talking about since he's asexual. Dev takes offense to this and storms off. 

Mike's doctor tells the Corinthi clan that it won't be much longer. Joss asks for a chance to sit and talk with Mike. She goes on ad nauseam about what her future would be like with Mike. (I had to fast forward since it was self indulgent and went on for 5 years.) In the end, she told Mike she loved him and he gave her two thumbs up.

Finn, Liz, Portia, and Epiphany wonder who Cyrus has appointed as the new chief of staff. They are shocked when Britt interrupts them to say she's the one in charge now. (Always loved Britt so got quite a chuckle that she's back and in charge.)

Britt says she'll be running a tight ship and praises Cyrus for reaching out to her. Britt says the hospital has been mismanaged for too long and says she's reassigning the nurses. Britt tells Finn and Portia she wants to discuss how they run their departments.

Liz checks the new schedule and finds that Epiphany has been taken off the floor and is now stuck in administration. Liz's schedule has also been dropped to two shifts a week.

Trina talks to Ava, who asks about her kiss with Cameron. Ava wants to know if it's happened again. Trina says she wants to keep their friendship. Trina mentions Mike being at the end, so Ava heads out.

Ava heads to Turning Woods and offers her condolences to Sonny.