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INTERVIEW: Eric Martsolf Talks Podcast Ride Share, Passions, and Potential Pairings

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As a star of Days of Our Lives and PassionsEric Martsolf has played his fair share of interesting storylines. And his new project is no different: the audio-video podcast series Ride Share. Martsolf voices Keith, a man who decides to take a ride-share service...and embarks on a bizarre journey! 

In an exclusive interview with Daytime Confidential, Martsolf talks his love for sci-fi, plays Passions-DAYS Red Rover, and fan-casts Brady's next love interest.

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Daytime Confidential: Ride Share offers a very interesting mix of video and audio fiction content. Could you imagine this podcast turning into a TV series or movie, a la Dirty John?

Eric Martsolf: Absolutely! This type of hybrid series is new ground, and it’s potential to expand into other mediums is definitely there. Sign me up!

DC: What are some podcasts other than Ride Share do you enjoy?

EM: Deidre Decker, my makeup artist at DOOL, got me into Marc Maron’s podcast [WTF with Marc Maron] where he conducts terrific interviews, ATRE (All Things Real Estate) by my friend Brad Roth is a great resource, and For Dummies the Podcast is stellar. I may be biased as I am the host of that one!

DC: Tell me about the strangest ride-share experience you’ve ever been on in real life. Was it anything like the car-crash, palm-reading journey Keith goes on?

EM: Not quite, ha. I’ve certainly been uncomfortable with the high speed antics of some drivers, particularly to LAX. Ride Share drivers aren’t necessarily immune to road rage! For the most part, I have felt safe a majority of the time. But as Ride Share explores, that can change in an instant.

DC: If you could be stuck in a car with any one stranger in the world who’s not a friend or family member, who would it be?

EM: Abraham Lincoln. That man took on adversity head on and with grace. I believe his opinion on our divided and secularized nation right now would be invaluable.

DC: Ride Share dabbles in the science fiction genre. I know you may have touched on that a bit with your work on Passions, but is this something you’ve enjoyed reading or watching? If so, what shows/books are some of your favorite picks?

EM: I’ve always loved science fiction. I saw Star Wars at a drive in theater sitting on top of a Chevy van, and was instantly hooked. I am anticipating the release of the new Dune movie as well, having loved the original.

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DC: Have you ever had your palm read (that "heart line" scene was so eerie!)? If so, what did the reader say?

EM: Can’t say I have...but there’s a first time for everything, huh?

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DC: If you could bring over any ex-Passions cast member to DAYS who has not yet been on DAYS, who would it be and why?

EM: Let’s bring on Liza Huber (ex-Gwen), or Natalie Zea (ex-Gwen) for that matter. I always felt for Gwen--Ethan led her on for the entire run of the series and always maintained the hots for the housekeeper! Perhaps Gwen could find new found love with Brady!

DC: How do you think Brady will figure in the Xander (Paul Telfer)-Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) drama over being Titan CEO?

EM: It’s a good setup for a power struggle. Brady is going to need solid direction, given events coming down the line. I think he should throw his hat into the ring for CEO. I never recalled him doing a bad job in that department, other than the recent revenge tactic on Victor [John Aniston], of course. He is worthy.

DC: I know Kyle Lowder played Brady when he was involved with Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin), but do you think a revived Brady-Chloe pairing could bring some good drama with Nicole (Arianne Zucker) or other denizens of the town? I’ve also always thought Brady and Kate (Lauren Koslow) had some underlying chemistry…but Victor would flip!

EM: You’re right- a Brady/Kate pairing would send Vic through the roof for sure! But Brady and Chloe...of course there’s potential in that pairing. They were lovebirds so long ago, and to ignite that flame again would reignite a fan base which has been relatively dormant for awhile. Nadia and I are two peas in a pod; we could make it special.

DC: Does it become easier to say goodbye to fellow cast members after so many years on soaps?

EM: I never say goodbye, I say Aloha..until we meet again. I’ve realized goodbyes don’t customarily last long on DOOL!

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DC: If you could play any other role on a different soap, who would it be and why?

EM: Maybe Adam on Y&R. Not because my buddy Justin [Hartley] happened to portray him for awhile, but I like the layers the character has been treated to. He’s flawed and struggling constantly, and I find that appealing to play.

DC: The family trees on DAYS are so intertwined; do you ever find yourself having to do some research to figure out how Brady is or isn’t related to a given character?

EM: All the time! I am always on guard when he’s paired with another woman--ancestry checks need to be done constantly!

DC: How are you and your wife coping with remotely educating your sons [14-year-old twins Mason and Chase] during COVID? Any tips for parents? 

EM: It’s been challenging, but also surprisingly rewarding. Having twin sons in the same grade, they are starting to learn that they are better together as a unit, then at odds with one another. I’ve seen some unity between them that I’m not sure would have manifested if they weren’t sequestered together as they are now. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Don't miss Ride Share, streamable on YouTube and available on Apple Podcasts.