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Tamron Hall Talks New Season: "I Don't Want a Checklist" of Topics

Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall's eponymous talk show is set for an exciting season two. The journalist-host talked with TV Insider about what new things she's bringing to the table the second time around and the tragic and controversial stories she will tackle.

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Hall strove to strike a balance of stories in the first week back. She explained:

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Our show's a talk show. As I tell people, if you sat down at a dinner table with someone and they only talked about sports, you'd be bored. If they only talked about fashion, you'd say, ' OK.' But if it's a layered conversation about marriage, about sports, about life, about fashion, about raising a kid, all of that is what makes having a talk show so appealing to me and so fun and just so special, that every day, you get to have a conversation. I don't want our show to be an agenda. I don't want a checklist. I want to talk to the people you're talking about and talk about the things you're talking about. That's something that we've been consistent, and now in our second season, we'll just continue doing exactly that.

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That means talking to individuals with compelling stories on different sides of the political and social spectrums. Hall dished:

Melissa Etheridge is one of our first week guests [on September 18]. She lost her child in the most awful way, and we're going to sit down and talk to her because she has a powerful message that she wants to share with other parents who may believe they are alone.

We're able to dig into people who want to admit that they've made mistakes. Two of our big guests this week, Stassi Schroeder from Vanderpump Rules [on September 16], she believes she's a victim of the cancel culture after saying some pretty awful things, but what is her story of redemption? What does she want the public to really know about her? We also have Andrew Gillum [on Monday]. This man could've been the governor of Florida, the first Black governor of Florida. He lost the race by a sliver, and then within months, he has one of the biggest scandals of the year and he's ready to talk about it with his wife.