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Mishael Morgan Talks Getting "Young and Restless" with Genoa City's Hottest Bachelors

Mishael Morgan

The Young and the Restless' Mishael Morgan (Amanda/ex-Hilary) is smack in the middle of a juicy storyline. The big reveal - that Amanda is the late Hilary's long-lost twin - came this week, and the fallout will have repercussions for much of Genoa City. That includes Hilary's widower, Devon (Bryton James), and his girlfriend, Elena (Brytni Sarpy).

Could billionaire Devon find happily-ever-after with legal eagle Amanda? Morgan told TV Insider that the revelation will create a bond of sorts between the two, saying:

Amanda not only doesn’t have a sister, but she can’t track down any information about her [birth] father and her mother is gone, too. Her only tie to Hilary is Devon. I don’t know how it’s going to go given how painful it was for him to lose Hilary.

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Morgan recalled playing Hilary and learning her character was going to die. She reflected:

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It was flattering, in a way. If they had recast the role, it would have meant that she had left such a mark in Genoa City, that they didn’t want to lose her. If they killed her off, it spoke to how they may have felt that nobody else could have played the part.  

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Currently, Amanda's got the pick of Genoa City's most eligible bachelors to choose from! Will one of these hunks capture Amanda's heart? 

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Of a potential Devon-Amanda-Elena triangle, Morgan teased:

I have no idea… but I actually like that. Sometimes it’s nice to know where the story’s going so you can get to work. Other times, it’s best to trust and enjoy the journey. Amanda’s surrounded by friends. She’s connected to Devon, who knew her sister, and he can just look at her and be reminded of Hilary. Nate (Sean Dominic) has embraced Amanda and looked beyond what other people saw regarding her resemblance to Hilary. He’s the dream guy for her. He checks all the boxes.

Amanda also has this dynamic with Billy (Jason Thompson). He’s fun and he pushes her outside of her comfort zone. I want to be open and honest in [all] these scenes and see what’s going to happen next.