Perkie's Observations: Franco Tries to Decode Britt's Playbook on General Hospital

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Roger Howarth

Roger Howarth

Ava offers to take Avery for a few days so Sonny can deal with Mike's situation without worrying about her. Sonny believes she's hustling him, but Ava promises she's sincere. Sonny doesn't want Avery at Wyndemere and offers to have her stay at the cabin in the woods.

Felix, Kevin, and Franco are surprised to find Britt is the new chief of staff. Franco points out that Britt took off and wonders why she's back. Britt says her mother hurt a lot of people, but Cyrus made her an offer she couldn't refuse.

Franco reminds Britt they bonded over Liesl's arrest and doesn't want her making trouble for anyone at the hospital. Britt spots Julian, and tells Franco she's back to do her job and reconnect with someone. Franco mentions the art therapy department. Britt says she's double checking the budget and may need to downsize some nonessential areas.

Kevin blames Cyrus for the problems at the hospital and claims he's using Britt to do his dirty work. Liz says Cyrus is trying to get rid of the old guard who know how things are run. 

Britt catches up to Julian and wants to pick up where they left off. Felix eavesdrops as Julian says he has no interest in Britt, even if she knows his secret. Felix tells Kevin that Britt is up to something. 

Nikolas wants to talk to Liz about their kiss, but Liz wants to forget it happened. Ava calls Nikolas to let him know she won't be home for a few days, but doesn't mention she'll be with Avery. Nikolas remembers something Franco told Liz, and wonders. 

Ned runs into Lucy and Sasha having a meeting about Deception. Lucy hopes Brook Lynn has a speedy recovery and offers anything to help her. Ned tells her to pledge her vote to ELQ. Lucy says Valentin was the only one who offered to help out Deception and he has her loyalty. Ned says the Quartermaine family has always supported Lucy and calls her a traitor to Edward. Lucy says she loved Edward and believes he would support her. Ned apologizes before Lucy heads off.

Ned then complains to Sasha about not being able to communicate with Brook Lynn. Sasha offers to be a go between. 

In New York City, Nina and Jax sit in Ryan's Pub discussing the necklace. Nina mentions how Silas used to work at the hospital across the street when he started his affair with Ava. Nina says she's made peace with Ava, but blames her mother for her coma that cost her 20 years.

In Monte Carlo, Robert finds out the call from "Holly" came from a casino formerly owned by Cassandra Pierce. Robert plans on going in alone and unarmed, but Olivia says she's going with him. She says she can create a diversion for him. Robert accepts the offer, but warns her to get out without him if necessary. Olivia leaves a voicemail message for Ned that she won't be home for a few more days. 

Jason sits and talks with Mike. Michael swings by the hospital to pick up Brook Lynn so she can spend time with Mike. Michael also sits and talks to his grandfather. (Kristina's absence is super obvious at this point. If Lexi is filming a movie and can't be here, they should use a recast. I hear Lindsay Hartley is available!)

Ned heads to the hospital to talk to Brook Lynn, who still wants nothing to do with her father. When Ned leaves the room, BLQ spots his phone and listens to the message from Olivia. (Me thinks Brat Lynn is going to erase that message.)