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CBS This Morning Reportedly Feels "Betrayed" Over Today Show's Bob Woodward Interview

Is there resentment brewing between daytime talkers? According to Page Six, Gayle King and the CBS This Morning team "were furious" that Today Show and Savannah Guthrie nabbed the first live interview with journalist Bob Woodward over his new book, Rage. Why? Well, CBS' sister corporation, Simon & Schuster, published Rage.

Guthrie talked to Woodward on Sept. 14, the day before the book hit shelves, and the discussion made major headlines over Woodward's decision not to release Donald Trump's comments about his handling of COVID-19 earlier. Why did CBS head to an NBC chatfest?

An insider speculated that CBS gave NBC's chatfest the scoop because "'Today' gets many more viewers than 'CBS This Morning.'" But what's even more galling is that CBS This Morning is reportedly struggling in the ratings, compared to its counterparts, the source said.

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The insider dished:

They’re in third place, but they’re hustling and trying to make a difference. And then they’re betrayed by their own company.

CBS-produced 60 Minutes did air the first interview with Woodward - but it was taped, not live. Asked whether there was some bad feeling at the morning program over the Woodward interview, a CBS representative said:

Not true. The fact is that CBS/’60 Minutes’ got the first interview. End of story.