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Martha Madison Says Days of Our Lives Was Promised "No Mannequins"

Martha Madison

Martha Madison

Days of Our LivesMartha Madison (Belle) is back on set and working with the COVID-19 restrictions. She opened up to about filming and the guidelines on set.

Will there be a break between instances of Belle airing on our TV (due to DAYS' break in production)? She explained:

I think I’m still airing and I’ll continue airing. We had eight months of shows in the can already and I was working up until the break and came back. I was working the first week back, so you won’t miss a beat. I’ll just have a little bit of a different haircut and a few pounds of COVID weight. I’m working on it!

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Asked whether or not DAYS will follow The Bold and the Beautiful's lead in using mannequins in intimate scenes, Madison chuckled and said:

No, there are no mannequins at Days of Our Lives and we were promised there would never be mannequins at Days of Our Lives. I think that’s what the testing is for, so they’ve opted for the expensive daily testing as an alternative, and we are so, so grateful. [laughs]

The DAYS team is working to make the transition smooth. Madison said the cast had a Zoom meeting with execs, including Ken Corday and Albert Alarr, who reviewed safety procedures. As part of COVID guidelines, there is frequent testing, a COVID expert on hand, and actors shoot less material each day, Madison explained. 

Normally, there would be one hour of "dry blocking" in the morning, in which the director would work with actors; that has been eliminated for now. Instead, actors will work on blocking in the studio. The cast members also sometimes get out of work earlier, Madison divulged.