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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas and Ava Seal the Deal on General Hospital

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Nikolas Cassadine, General Hospital

Marcus Coloma

Ava's at the cabin with Avery, but gets jumpy, feeling like someone is out there watching her. That someone lets themselves into the cabin, so Ava smacks them with a fire poker. It turns out to be Nikolas, who thinks Ava and Franco are cheating at the cabin. 

Ava denies being with Franco, saying it's not worth losing the fortune. Nikolas thinks she's reaching the limits of her abstinence, but Ava believes she can hold out longer. 

In Geneva, Dr. Kirk tells Dante that it's the end of the road for Mike. Dante sings Mike's praises and wishes he'd done things differently 

In Monte Carlo, Robert tells Olivia to keep a low profile, but apparently he's never met Bensonhurst Falconeri. When Olivia makes noises trying to get a bartender's attention, the co-owner of the casino, Winston Rudge, takes an interest. Robert comes to Olivia's assistance, but Winston now thinks Robert seems familiar. Olivia and Robert convince Winston otherwise, so he leaves. Robert explains that Winston was one of Olivia Jerome's henchmen and turned against Julian, thereby getting a lighter sentence. Robert worries that Winston will figure out who he really is. Robert reminds Olivia that she has no formal training. Olivia claims she can take care of herself. 

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Portia's ready to give Brook Lynn her latest results, but the brat doesn't want Ned in attendance and forces him to leave the room. Brook Lynn asks Portia if she'll be able to sing again. While the show doesn't give us a straight answer, later on BLQ is busy feeling sorry for herself, so the answer would likely be no.

Sonny, Carly, and Michael continue to sit with Mike and have flash forwards that last 87,789 years. Felix tells Sonny that Mike will be getting morphine to ease his discomfort, which might wake him up a little. 

Ned tears a strip off of Chase for not having found Nelle yet. Chase says the police are doing everything they can, but no one has seen her. Ned gets angry with Portia because she won't break patient confidentiality to tell him Brook Lynn's results. Portia tells Ned to be patient with his daughter.
Brat Lynn erases the phone message from Olivia to Ned. She tells Chase she's being released, but is not going to the Quartermaines. 

Ava and Nikolas continue to snipe at each other about their lack of sex lives. This turns into a COVID kiss, followed by COVID sex. (It's unfortunate because I think Maura and Marcus have good chemistry and it would have been nice to see.)

Dante makes a decision and tells Dr. Kirk he wants to know more about the operation in Port Charles. (Will Dante be going after Cyrus? Will he stop by the barber on the way there? Will he go to Mike's funeral? Will Mike ever die?)