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WATCH: Wendy Williams Reveals How She's Coping with COVID-19 Filming Challenges

Wendy Williams, The Wendy Williams Show

Wendy Williams is gearing up to premiere the next season of her talk show. She popped up on Late Night With Seth Meyers to talk about challenges of filming The Wendy Williams Show from home and back in the studio.

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Asked by Seth Meyers if filming her show from home worked out, Williams replied:

Not. I didn’t like it.

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She added:

Well, my thing is: I don’t know how big your home is and how much space you have, but I live in an apartment, you know—not my fault. But I live in an apartment and it was very personal to me, for people to see, you know, my area. And people criticized and couldn't understand my groove, and then we just stopped doing that because we were ramping up for new stuff.

Asked if she’ll miss her live audience, she said:

No. No, you know why? I come from radio and radio, you only have a microphone and you in a booth until you don’t. Like this is right here is something else to me, but I’m still only used to talking to me in my head and you looking in the camera, so it’s not a big deal not to have the audience. I can’t wait for my co-host to be back but right now we are on total lockdown here at the show, Everyone, including me, we get three diff tests every single day and that’s the way it goes. And it’s not just this building; it’s the one across the street.

Watch the full chat below.