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Ann Curry Reflects on "Tough" Today Show Ouster and Matt Lauer Allegations

Former Today Show anchor Ann Curry is still frustrated by her firing. The veteran journalist opened up about her confusion over why she was let go several years ago.

Curry told Elle:

 I still don’t really understand. I know I did nothing wrong. I know I was good at my job.

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She added:

The bottom line is that it still hurts. It honestly hurts really deeply, because I really think I did nothing wrong. But in spite of the pain of it, which still lingers, I know that I contributed to some people suffering less.

But I tell you, it was tough. It was hard to walk that line, to not add more [suffering]. Boy, oh boy, was it tough.

A few years after Curry's departure, former co-anchor Matt Lauer left after being accused of rape, sexual misconduct, and harassment. Curry defended the young NBC employee whom Lauer reportedly assaulted, and she's become a confidante for others.

She explained:

There has been more than one [woman] who’s come to me now [about Lauer]. I hope they’ve come to me because they know that I’ll be empathetic and compassionate. I’m a right-and-a-wrong girl.

And I’m happy to be their friend. This is a deep level of suffering, from what I’ve learned. They’re dealing with trauma that threatens to be lifelong.