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Days of Our Lives Recap: Jan Spears Weaves Her Web Around Claire

Days of Our Lives

Isabel Durant, Heather Lindell

We begin our day in Salem with Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) entering Titan and sitting behind the big boy desk. He finds a gift bag in his chair with a note from Momma Kate wishing him luck on ousting Xander (Paul Telfer). He fills his "World's Greatest CEO" coffee cup when Xander walks in, wondering what he's doing in his office.

Over at Chez Grandma Hope, Claire (Isabel Durant) and Jan Spears (Heather Lindell) are having an intense discussion about Jan Spears' prior sinful acts in Salem. Jan Spears describes her past as being a bit obsessive. Claire can relate. They are two obsessive peas in a pod. Jan Spears explains that all her bad behavior is behind her and Claire seems to take that as hope for the future. They have both returned to Salem to make things right. Jan Spears comforts Claire because Ciara Alice is "dead" and Claire feels so alone. As they embrace, Jan Spears smiles a devious grin behind Claire's back.

At the DiMera mansion, Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) is trying to comfort Allie's cranky baby. Enter Nicole (Arianne Zucker) in a stunning red dress, who offers her former hubby some assistance.

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Side Note: Give that baby a name, already!

Meanwhile, Eric (Greg Vaughan) is on the phone with Justin discussing his latest botched case. Eric is pissed, but still hopes his twin doesn't push everyone away.

At University Hospital, a bandaged John (Drake Hogestyn) lies in bed as Samantha Gene (Alison Sweeney) enters. John looks none too happy. Sami has a gift . . . a prickly, flowering cactus. Sami says it's low maintenance, like her. John examines the succulent and hurls it past Samantha Gene's head and into the wall.

That's how our day began in Salem. What else happened in this episode that made you grown with disdain or squeal with glee? We want to hear from YOU! Watch the video below and sound off in the comments!