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Perkie's Observations: Chase Rolls Out the Mattress For Brook Lynn on General Hospital

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Harrison Chase, General Hospital

Josh Swickard

Robert says he needs to get into the security offices to find Holly. Olivia decides to play blackjack while Robert heads out. Someone joins Olivia, who happens to be none other than Ethan (gotta admit, I squeed a little!!). 

Ethan wonders why Olivia is in Monte Carlo. She questions why he wasn't at his mother's memorial. Ethan says he's trying to find out who killed Holly. Olivia tells him about Robert's phone call and how he believes Holly is alive.

Sonny sits and talks to Mike and has flash forwards of their life that I have to fast forward through. Sonny decides that Mike won't go with him sitting there and heads out to the waiting room. 

Mike opens his eyes and sees Courtney, who takes Mike into the light. Mike dies. 

Alexis is annoyed with all of Diane's attention. Alexis promises she won't relapse and drink again. Ned interrupts to offer his condolences on Neil. Alexis says she heard Brook Lynn is on the mend. Ned takes Alexis's hand, but she gasps in pain and lets go quickly. 

Alexis explains to Ned she jammed her wrist and it's still tender. Diane complains it was a while ago and Alexis needs to have it looked at, which Alexis dismisses. After Diane leaves, Ned complains to Alexis about being ignored by Olivia and Brook Lynn. 

Alexis talks about Neil and how she can't believe he was taking drugs. Alexis picks up her coffee cup and spills it because of the pain in her hand. Ned decides to take her to the hospital to get it checked out. 

Chase questions whether or not Brook Lynn is heading back to the Quartermaines, but she refuses to accept charity. She believes Ned overreacted to her selling her shares. Chase thinks Ned loves her more than the company, but Brook Lynn disagrees. Chase offers his couch to Brook Lynn. (What happened to the hotel room that Olivia gave her?)

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Nikolas wakes up to find Ava and Avery outside catching fireflies. They spend quality time together and Nikolas realizes there's a different, softer side to Ava. 

Carly tells everyone that Mike has passed away and is at peace. Michael calls Brook Lynn, who agrees to stop by.

Carly tells Jason this makes her see what's truly important. Jason praises her for keeping the family together. Michael praises Sonny for being a good dad. (And I throw up in my mouth a little!)

Carly calls Ava to let her know. She asks her to bring Avery back so Sonny can have all of his kids together. (Well, except for Dante, who's playing solitaire in Geneva and Kristina, who's fallen off the face of the Earth with zero explanation.) 

Robert rejoins Olivia and sees that Ethan has arrived. Ethan accuses Robert of ruining Holly's life and punches Robert.

Winston and his cronies aren't happy, and lock Ethan and Robert up in a back room.

Robert complains that Ethan blew his cover, but Ethan says he did it on purpose so they could get into the back room.

He asks if Robert believes Holly is alive and Robert says it's the only thing that makes sense. 

Robert and Ethan manage to uncuff themselves. Winston returns with a gun, knowing full well who Robert really is.