Perkie's Observations: Sonny Releases Mike to Move to the Upper Room on General Hospital

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Maurice Benard

Maurice Benard

(*Disclaimer: I fast forwarded a fair amount today. There is only so much self-indulgent Corinthi that I can handle.) Jason and Joss return to Turning Woods to keep Carly company.

Willow finds Michael brooding outside and acknowledges that the waiting can't be easy. Michael says he's worried about Sonny because it's harder on him. Michael wishes the waiting was over. 

Michael points out this isn't what Willow signed up for when she married him. Willow says part of their deal is to take care of each other. Willow says they were friends before they married and now they're sharing the good and the bad. 

Stella tells Sonny the morphine is the right thing to do so Mike doesn't feel any pain. She says Mike is waiting for permission to let go and Sonny needs to make peace with his father's passing. 

Stella helps Sonny make things more comfortable for Mike by playing soft music and covering him with a blanket. Sonny talks about wiping his soul clean and gets an idea. 

Willow says Mike will be in a better place, but Joss wonders how she can be so sure. Willow says her father's presence was with her when she gave birth to her baby. Joss says she felt it with Oscar, but wishes there were more signs now.

Brando arrives and mentions butterflies. He claims if you see one, it means someone is watching over you. He remembers a time when Mike visited him. 

Sonny calls in Father Reyes to do last rites for Mike. 

Jason tells Mike to let go, that he'll be here for Sonny.

Sonny tells Mike that it's okay for him to leave.