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Perkie's Observations: Reports of Holly's Death Were Greatly Exaggerated on General Hospital

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General Hospital

Emma Samms

Ned takes Alexis to the hospital and Portia checks out her wrist. Portia recommends an x-ray. Portia returns with results, showing a hairline fracture of the wrist. Portia wants to check if there is an underlying condition, like osteoporosis. 

Jason comforts a teary Joss, while Carly comforts Sonny. Brook Lynn stops over to offer Sonny her condolences and praises. (I guess now that death watch is over we're heading to all praise all the time week.) Sonny gets a bike, posthumously given by Mike.

Chase tells Michael that Brook Lynn will be crashing with him for now. 

Winston says he's not surprised to see Robert and Ethan, since "she" managed to place the phone call. Robert says he knew Holly was alive. Winston claims he faked the boat accident and he had Holly. He says she's gone now. Olivia knocks out Winston, freeing Robert and Ethan. 

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Robert calls in his WSB connection, who takes Winston into custody. He tells Robert there is no sign of Holly, but there was a burnt body of a woman on the premises. Ethan refuses to believe that it's Holly, but a ring Robert gave her was found with the it.

In New York, Nina tells Jax that she is certain Phyllis knows what happened to her child. Joss calls Jax to tell him about Mike. Jax promises to be home the next day. Nina offers to go back with him. 

Molly's upset to see Brando and TJ hanging out together after a baseball game. (So Brando went from Turning Woods to a ball game within minutes?) When TJ steps away, Molly gets angry that the two are bonding. TJ returns and wants to set Brando up with one of Mollys' friends. Molly and TJ mention how they are doing what they can to get rid of Cyrus from the hospital. Brando warns them, then agrees to work with them. 

Nikolas is upset at the lack of time Spencer had with Mike. Ava notices Avery is missing from her room and the two head out to find her. Avery wanders around in the woods and finds Nelle's necklace. 

Winston's minion calls someone to let him know that Robert and Ethan think Holly is dead and are heading home. We see Holly held captive in a room as she looks up at a camera.