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Perkie's Observations: Lulu Wants to Expose Cyrus' . . . Umm . . . Motives on General Hospital

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Lulu Spencer, General Hospital

Emme Rylan

Molly is shocked to run into Alexis at the hospital and notices the cast on her arm. Alexis explains what happened, and now she's waiting for test results from Portia. Portia arrives with the results and explains to her about bone density.

Molly worries about bone cancer, but Portia says Alexis' diagnosis is osteoporosis. Portia reassures them there are treatment options, including medications and exercise. She says Alexis will have to follow the lifestyle changes. 

Cyrus is back to bothering Lulu about Laura's whereabouts. Lulu reminds him that he can speak to the deputy mayor in her mother's absence. Cyrus gets a little annoyed. Sam overhears and comes to Lulu's defense.

Lulu mentions Neil's death to Sam and how she thinks Cyrus was involved because of the drug angle. Maxie interrupts, saying she doesn't believe Cyrus would antagonize Sonny. 

Lulu talks to Peter about Cyrus' story going mostly unnoticed in the national media. She wants to bring his dirty secrets into the light with national exposure. Lulu feels Port Charles needs to be protected from Cyrus. Peter gives her the go ahead. 

Jordan tells Curtis about Neil's overdose. Curtis points out how it's the same way the DEA agents were killed. They both believe Cyrus is behind it, though Jordan says he's denied it. Curtis brings up TJ and how he's rallying staff against Cyrus. He wants Jordan's help in getting TJ to stand down. 

Both Curtis and Jordan are surprised when Stella stops by as they didn't know she was in town. Stella explains about Mike and says she's staying until the funeral (which at this rate will be 2 months from next Saturday). Stella says she also wants to see TJ since she hasn't seen him since he was kidnapped. 

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Stella comments that Jordan still hasn't found those responsible for it and Curtis tears a strip off of her. He says Jordan needs Stella's support and storms out. Curtis returns later, and apologizes. 

Jason stops by the garage to check up on Brando. He pulls out the camera he was using and doesn't really apologize for installing it. Brando's not happy with the surveillance and tells Jason to ask him directly next time he has an issue. 

Ava drops Avery back at the Corinthi compound and tells Sonny that she's left it up to him to tell Avery about Mike. Sonny tells Carly he's not sure how to break it to Avery and wants to delay telling her. Carly says Avery can tell that everyone is sad and to tell her the truth. 

Jax thanks Nina for postponing their search for Phyllis since he had to come back to Port Charles to be with Joss. Nina says she understands his priorities. Jax heads over to visit with Joss, who isn't sure it's appropriate to plan the homecoming dance. Jax tells her that grief comes in waves and Mike would want her to be happy. 

Dev heads over to talk with Brando, saying he needs advice about a girl. He says he made a move a few months back and blew it. Dev mentions that he likes Joss, but she likes Cameron. Brando tells him to be himself and the rest will follow. 

Maxie runs into Sam and complains that Sam hasn't congratulated her on the pregnancy. Maxie questions whether or not they are still friends, and Sam reassures her. Maxie believes Sam doesn't approve of Peter and swears to Sam that his darkness is in the past.

Cyrus' minion tells him that Neil overdosed on their product. 

Sonny sits Avery down and explains to her that Mike died. Avery seems a bit confused, but Sonny says he'll always be in her heart. When Avery gets up to leave, she drops the heart necklace, which Sonny picks up.

Jax asks Carly if she told Sonny about Nelle. Carly says he's been preoccupied and Jax believes they need to keep Nelle in the past. Carly says she hopes anything incriminating stays gone.