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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Liam Busts Steffy When He Finds Pills In Da House

Liam Spencer, The Bold and the Beautiful

Scott Clifton

Concerned daddy Liam (Scott Clifton) stops by stoner Steffy's (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) place to scold her. He rattles off his list of observations, she's combative and defensive, and wants to know what's going on so he can help her.

Steffy bucks up and tells Liam that he's the problem by barging into her house and questioning her like the police when she's done nothing to deserve it.

Liam accuses her of being out cold on the couch with Kelly in the house. Steffy counters that she was napping and is trained to hear the monitor. She demands to know what what going wrong when he barged in. Was Kelly hurt? No. Was she screaming? No. Liam admits his answer is a big, fat, NO!

Liam tries to smooth over his harsh words by saying he cares about her (bad move, Liam). Steffy tells him to go home to Hope and get out! That's not enough for the waffler. He asks if she's taking pills. (Cue pill-popping flashback.)

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Relentless Liam pushes to ask if Dr. Finn refilled her prescription. Steffy reminds Liam that Finn refused and reminds him again to leave, but he doesn't. He accuses  Steffy of hiding something from him and not being honest. He wonders if Steffy thinks he will just let that go (clearly not).

Steffy wants to know if Liam thinks she's lying. Liam goes in on her. He says she's holding out on him and thinks he knows what it is. Once again, she tries to boot his unwelcome ass out. She clearly spells out for him there are no pills in the house. 

That's not good enough for him. He starts ripping up the house looking for any sign of pills. In a very dramatic moment, Liam grabs the hidden bottle from the sofa cushions, turns around, and shows Steffy what he found. He's not happy with her dishonesty.

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