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Perkie's Observations: Dante's Free, but Will He Snap on General Hospital?

Dominic Zamprogna

Dominic Zamprogna

Dr. Kirk tells Dante the offer to have him go back to Port Charles has been rescinded. He says the bosses feel Dante is still a danger to himself and others. Dante gets upset, saying Kirk agreed to let him go and it's not fair to take that hope away. Dante calms himself down. 

Dr. Kirk admits to Dante he's being taped to see what his reaction would be. He informs Dante that he passed the test. Dr. Kirk says Dante is free to go and hands him the file he needs. Later, Kirk updates someone that Dante could snap once he's home. 

Sam checks up on Brando to make sure things are back to normal at the garage. Maxie shows up, wondering why her car hasn't been fixed yet. Sam mentions Brando's attack, so Maxie backs off. 

After Sam leaves, Maxie gets all up in Brando's business, asking about kids and significant others. Brando says he has no time for a social life, though does mention he's been bonding with Dev. 

Lulu and Liz sit and chat about various things, including Britt and Cyrus at the hospital, and Nikolas' behavior with Ava. Lulu wonders if there's been a change in Nikolas, but Liz doesn't believe it.

Cameron tells Franco he needs a tuxedo for the Homecoming Dance, but doesn't have the funds. Franco asks about a date. Cameron says he wants to invite Trina, but Joss' feelings put a wrench in things. Franco tells Cameron to let Trina know how he feels and let the chips fall where they may. 

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Cameron talks with Trina about going to the Homecoming Dance. Joss interrupts, so Cameron backs off and claims he's fine with everyone going as a group. Trina wishes she could have one more dance with her dad, but agrees to go to the dance as a foursome. 

Alexis sees a notice on her phone about Neil's memorial service and gets upset. Valentin is there, though Alexis doesn't want his help. Valentin offers his condolences, so Alexis thanks him for his kindness. Alexis mentions the memorial and how she was planning a future with Neil and now it's gone.

Sam arrives and yells at Valentin for being there, but Alexis has Sam back off. Alexis gets angry about everything on her plate. Alexis says osteoporosis doesn't go away and she'll have to change her lifestyle. Valentin assures her that she can make adjustments. Alexis asks to borrow Valentin's driver to take her to the memorial so she can have closure.

Ava confides in Nina that she and Nikolas had sex, and is now confused about her feelings. Nina wonders what this means for their marriage.

Franco interrupts to ask Nina if Cameron can borrow a tux from Crimson, which she agrees to. After Franco leaves, Nina questions the tension between him and Ava. Ava admits she and Franco kissed, but it was a big mistake. Nina wonders if Ava's marriage will become real. 

Lulu and Nikolas talk about Ava and his marriage. She asks if he's having second thoughts about breaking things off. Nikolas says his marriage is dysfunctional, but the more time he spends with Ava, the more he sees the layers in her. Lulu questions whether Nikolas is falling for Ava.

Nikolas gets a text from someone who knows what he did. It's a photo of his kiss with Liz. Ava gets a text from someone with a photo of her kiss with Franco.