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WATCH: Tamron Hall Slams Claims She Went "Rogue" in Stassi Schroeder Interview

Tamron Hall

On Sep. 17, former Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder spoke to Tamron Hall about her racist words and deeds. Schroeder's actions included: calling the cops on former castmate Faith Stowers, a Black woman; dubbing her outfit "Nazi chic"; and her complaints over the Black Lives Matter movement. 

The pregnant Schroeder appeared on the chatfest and stated she is now working with an anti-racism coach. After the interview, Us Weekly ran an article in which a source claimed that Schroeder felt ambushed and Hall went "rogue." An insider alleged:

Producers laid the segments out for Stassi and her team, and everything was all set. And then, to everyone’s surprise, Tamron went rogue and took the interview in a completely different direction.

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Hall refuted these accusations on her show this week, saying that her conversation with Stassi was "fair and open." The veteran journalist added:

I don’t tell people the specific questions I’m going to ask them. How they answer, that’s up to them. But the topic and everything we discussed, Stassi knew. She knew the subject matter; she knew what I was going to ask her, not the questions.

The night before interviewing Schroeder, Hall was asked not to mention Schroeder's anti-#MeToo remarks. She explained her decision to focus on other issues:

I want to be honest with you. Given that she was five months pregnant, the issue of race was hard enough for her and for me, and there was a lot to unpack. So I said we’re not going to go down that road, but we would have this difficult conversation that we all should have to provide a better platform for our children.

Watch Tamron rebut the spurious accusations below.