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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Steffy Goes All Not Without My Daughter on Hope and Liam

Steffy Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) heads down to back forty to tell Liam (Scott Clifton) and Hope (Annika Noelle) that Donna has taken the kids to get ice cream . . . but didn't didn't spill the tea as to why. Liam is relieved about this news, but troubled that Hope can't seem to reach "her" on the phone. (Who do you think Hope is talking about?)

Hope declares that Liam did the right thing and reassures him that Steffy is in no condition to care for Kelly. Brooke doesn't help the situation. She feeds Liam's fears by reinforcing how frightened he must have been during his self-proclaimed endless "what if" games. Liam confesses taking Kelly was the hardest thing he's ever done (waffling for decades not withstanding). 

Thankfully, Hope is there to make him feel better about his decision since Steffy, from his point of view, wasn't up for the super mom challenge. Brooke (not helping again) randomly says out loud that Steffy must have gotten addicted after the accident. 

PSA note start: The opioid addiction that Liam's heard about . . . well . . . he didn't think it would happen to someone like Steffy. Hope reminds him it can happen to anyone. PSA note over.

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Hope says they can't trust Steffy to take care of a child. She acknowledges Liam's pain and guilt, but reassures Kelly's safety is a priority.

Just then, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) pops in, yelling for Liam. He asks if she drove to the back forty in her condition. Steffy looks at Brooke and asks if she knew that Liam took their daughter. Liam encourages her to seek out a program, but Steffy claims she doesn't need any of them, only her daughter.

Steffy turns her guns to Hope and asks her whether or not Liam is enough for her. She asks Hope if she wants her daughter too! Steffy bucks up and tells Hope there's no way that's happening and wants Kelly . . . NOW!

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