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Perkie's Observations: Jason Gets Wind That Nelle's Body Is Stone Cold on General Hospital

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Jason Morgan, General Hospital

Steve Burton

Both Nikolas and Ava receive the same message with their photo, "Meet me at the docks. It will cost you." Nikolas gives Lulu an excuse to leave and heads out.

Ava tells Nina about the text and is upset she was so sloppy. Ava doesn't want Nikolas to find out about the kiss for fear of him divorcing her. 

Brook Lynn seems to have overstayed her welcome after one day on Chase's couch. He wonders what her plans are, but she has no intention of going back to the mansion. Chase says her family loves her and wants to help. Brook Lynn claims Ned only feels badly because she almost died.

Ned fishes around Julian to see if he's heard from Olivia, but Julian hasn't. Julian offers Ned his sympathies for what happened with Brook Lynn. Ned tells Julian to sever all ties with Nelle.

Ned heads to Chase's apartment to talk to Brook Lynn. He wants her to come home. She claims she'll keep disappointing him and doesn't want to. (Wash, rinse, repeat.) 

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Molly and TJ talk about their commitment ceremony, and how they can't have it at Alexis' house because of Neil's death. TJ wonders if they should postpone it as Stella walks up. Stella talks to TJ about his attack and gets him to open up. TJ says he was terrified and still has nightmares. He says Molly is the only one keeping him focused. Stella talks to Molly, who admits she lost faith in TJ when she didn't hear from him for days. Stella reassures her. 

Bobbie complains to Scotty that she got fired from the hospital and thinks she might be able to get in at Mercy. Scotty seems distracted. He mentions a wrongful termination lawsuit and a job in telemedicine. Scotty says he has to be somewhere and takes off. He returns later, but Bobbie complains he's not a good boyfriend and breaks up with him. 

Lulu stops by to offer her condolences to Sonny. He's upset that he hung onto his anger at Mike all these years. Lulu says he had a right to that anger, but he made peace in the last two years. Lulu says Sonny never failed to be present for Mike and gave him a family. 

Nikolas heads to the pier and meets with the blackmailer, who we don't see. He says it will take him 24 hours to get the amount of cash he wants. 

Ava heads to the pier to meet with the blackmailer with her gun in hand. 

Carly tells Jason she's done something he won't like. She adds that Jax knows and doesn't want SaSon to find out. Carly thinks she can't tell Sonny because he's grieving, but Jason disagrees. Carly decides to tell Jason and Sonny.

Before she say anything, Jason gets a call that Nelle's dead and her body's found.