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Perkie's Observations: Scotty Puts the Squeeze on Ava and Nikolas on General Hospital

Kin Shriner

Kin Shriner

Jason says Nelle's body was found on the Pennsylvania side of the river and she's been taken for an autopsy. Sonny is surprised at Carly's lack of enthusiasm and how she seems more worried. Sonny asks if Carly killed Nelle. Carly explains what happened that night, how she found Nelle hanging over the cliff, and how her hand slipped. 

Ava's surprised when Scotty shows up on the pier. Scotty says he wants $125,000 in exchange for the picture. Ava wants him to delete it, but he refuses. Ava says they're friends, though Scotty is not happy that she hired a different lawyer for her post-nup agreement. 

Ava says she enjoys her life and believes Scotty won't post the photo on social media since it would hurt Franco. Scotty figures Franco will get over it. Ava says if he posts the photo, their friendship is over. Scotty says she has 24 hours to pay. 

Nikolas meets with Martin and offers him a retainer in exchange for information about post-nup agreements. Martin explains the legal definition of infidelity is emotional as well as physical. Martin says infidelity needs to be proven. 

Nikolas remembers his meeting on the docks with Scotty. He pointed out that Franco would be hurt, and how Ava is Scotty's friend. Scotty mentioned he wanted the money in exchange for the photo.

Ned gets a phone call from the hotel in Monte Carlo telling him that Olivia left some items, including her phone, behind. Ned thinks Olivia's purse was stolen since he believes she was in Geneva.

Brook Lynn admits she deleted Olivia's call to Ned. She explains that Olivia said she was going to be with Robert. Ned calls the hotel and gets a copy of the room receipt with Olivia's signature on it. He worries he can't contact Olivia since she doesn't have her phone and has no way of contacting Robert. 

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Liz offers Michael her condolences on Mike's passing. Sasha overhears and offers her condolences. She goes in to hug Michael, but then backs away. Willow speaks with Sasha, who claims it was a force of habit. Willow questions if Sasha is still in love with Michael. Sasha says she will always care, but won't act on it. Willow tells Sasha that Michael isn't grieving alone and she plans on adopting Wiley. 

Michael wants to speak with Epiphany, but Liz explains what's happened now that Cyrus and Britt are in charge. Michael says Wiley needs follow-up heart surgery and questions whether GH is the right hospital. Liz says Michael should look into other options and mentions that Mercy has a good cardiac unit. 

Sasha asks Liz for a referral to a doctor that can prescribe something to help her sleep. Liz offers Kevin's services, but Sasha just wants a prescription. Liz says those drugs are not as easy to get as they used to be. She also warns Sasha to be careful when using them. Later, Sasha calls her drug dealer. 

Chase runs into Michael and Willow and tells them Nelle's body was found. Willow's grateful that everything is over. Michael's happy Nelle can't tear them apart anymore. 

Julian talks to Martin about having his marriage to Nelle annulled. Martin says Julian needs to get his own lawyer since it's a conflict for him. Martin mentions the document that Nelle left for him and Julian offers to take it off his hands.

Martin gets a phone call about Nelle's death. Martin tells Julian he's now a widower and since he's still Nelle's counsel on record, he's going to hang onto her document until the death certificate has been filed. 

Chase stops by to let the Corinthi know about Nelle's death. He says the body has been recovered and positively identified, but he's going to see for himself. Jason asks about the cause of death. Chase says Nelle drowned and wants to ask Carly follow up questions. Carly explains a lie-filled version of the events, saying she fell and then Nelle took off. 

After Chase leaves, Carly worries that she told him she fell, but told Valerie on the day that Nelle pushed her. Jason and Sonny reassure her. Sonny says no one else knows, but Carly mentions Jax. 

Liz and Franco meet with Scotty, who tells them he met with Nikolas and Ava, and showed them the photos that he has.