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Tristan Rogers Reveals Kim Delaney's General Hospital Character

All My Children alum Kim Delaney (ex-Jenny) is heading to General Hospital, and new co-star Tristan Rogers (Robert) has unveiled which role she'll be playing. In a Cameo video message, Rogers said Delaney will be a recast Jackie Templeton, an intrepid reporter originally played by Demi Moore. Soap Opera News was the first to report Rogers' reveal. 

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Rogers revealed:

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There was a huge storyline planned around Robert going out to find Emma [Samms], Holly. Well, we went into lockdown, she came down very, very hard with Covid, and she’e been battling it ever since, so that storyline is on the back-burner. But what you are going to see is some of Robert's old flames return, maybe not played by the originals. But like for instance--she goes to air next week--but Jackie Templeton comes back on the show, played by just a wonderful actress called Kim Delaney. 

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He added:

Now where does this go? Does it mean that there’s a romantic thing happening? Probably not. They’ve got all sorts of stuff attached to her right now and I don’t know where it’s going. They’ve also got me kind of involved with Lisa LoCicero, who plays Olivia. That’s interesting, too. [laughs] It’s interesting because of the age difference between the two people and I’d like to play that; whether I’ll be allowed to is another thing altogether.