Perkie's Observations: Alexis Rides the Grief Train Straight To a Double Vodka on General Hospital

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Nancy Lee Grahn

Nancy Lee Grahn

Scotty congratulates Friz for being masterminds. He says they have Nava scared and ready to pay. Liz feels badly about the blackmail, but Franco doesn't care about Nava's feelings. Franco says $25,000 each isn't that big a deal. Scotty admits he asked for $125,000.

Franco's thrilled with the amount, but Liz is upset. Scotty says Nikolas was messing with his family. Franco agrees that he's not happy with how Ava used them. Liz doesn't want any part of the blackmail. Scotty says Nava will never know Friz was behind it all. Liz and Franco discuss their marriage, and how solid they are. 

Valentin joins Alexis at Neil's memorial service. Alexis introduces herself to Neil's brother, who says he wishes Neil had never met her. He says Alexis drove Neil to despair, which caused his overdose. He tells Alexis to leave. 

Ned tells Brook Lynn that Olivia hasn't been happy with him for a while. Ned wants Brook Lynn to come home, but she still isn't ready. 

On the plane back to Port Charles, Olivia blames herself for Robert not being able to save Holly. He says they got answers they wouldn't have had. Robert thanks Ethan for his help at the casino. The two discuss Holly and her impact on them. Robert promises Ethan that he'll be there if needed. 

Chase tells Sasha that Nelle is dead. Sasha says she's thankful that everyone is free of Nelle, and Wiley is safe. Chase believes Michael and Willow can get divorced, but Sasha thinks they'll stick together. 

Chase says they can tell Millow the truth, but Sasha says they'll see it as manipulation. Sasha snaps at Chase to stop living in a fantasy world, which causes Chase to wonder about her. Sasha admits she hasn't been sleeping well. Chase offers to be there for Sasha. 

Chase tells Brook Lynn about Nelle's death. Brook Lynn admits she feels relief. Sasha asks when Brook Lynn will be ready to record another song for Deception. Brook Lynn says the doctor hasn't given her the go ahead to sing yet. 

Joss and Cameron discuss their family woes. Cameron says he's looking for an after school job to help out. Joss mentions the kiss with Trina, but feels they're all back to normal now. Joss gets a call about Nelle's death. She tells Cameron she's relieved because Nelle will never hurt them again. 

Ned runs into Valentin and Alexis at The Rib. Ned yells at Valentin for taking advantage of Brook Lynn, then punches Valentin in the face.

Alexis feels sorry for herself and orders a double vodka.