Perkie's Observations: Liesl Is In The Catbird Seat on General Hospital

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Kathleen Gati

Kathleen Gati

Chase breaks up the fight between Valentin and Ned. He warns Ned to back off because he doesn't want to have to bring him in. Valentin agrees not to press charges, though Ned is more angry that Valentin is hanging around Alexis.

Alexis has a drink. Ned joins her and questions why she would be hanging out with Valentin. Alexis says he was being nice to her and explains what happened at the memorial. Ned says she didn't destroy Neil's life. 

The two reminisce about their own past, while continuing to drink. (Seriously, doesn't Ned know that she's an alcoholic?) The two decide to head out, though Ned wants to continue to hang out. He reaches in for a kiss and it's hard to tell if Alexis stopped him or if it turned into a COVID kiss. 

Curtis is at the hospital with Portia when Martin comes in, beaten up and disheveled. Martin says he was attacked in a parking garage and his briefcase stolen. Curtis calls Chase, who's with Valentin, so the two head over to the hospital.

Julian dumps the briefcase in the garbage bin outside the pub. (Really, you couldn't even dump it in the dumpster in the back? What kind of criminal are you?) He has Nelle's letter. Cyrus shows up wanting to discuss business with Julian, but he's not interested. Cyrus wants to buy the pub, but Julian says it's not for sale. Julian says he's trying to escape his criminal past. 

Chase questions Martin, who explains that he was jumped, knocked out, and his briefcase stolen. He mentions Nelle's envelope being in the briefcase, which points Chase in Julian's direction. 

Dante discusses his new mission with Dr. Kirk, who tells Dante not to expect to just walk back into his old life. Dante opens the folder to see that his mission is Peter. Kirk says they believe that Peter is not reformed and wants to know of any accomplices, possibly Anna. 

Olivia and Robert are back in town, but she's in no hurry to get back to Ned. Robert accuses her of avoiding her husband and marriage. Olivia feels that there isn't much of a marriage to get back to. Olivia tells Lulu that she went to see Dante and he wanted nothing to do with her. Olivia says there is no longer any hope.

CarSon shows up at Jax's house to discuss things. They get distracted by Nina and Joss, who are getting ready for the dance. Carly tells Nina and Jax that Nelle's body was found. Joss admits that she wanted Nelle to pay, but didn't want her dead. 

Nina offers Sonny her condolences for Mike, then heads out to help Joss get ready. Jax says he knows what Sonny is going to say, but is surprised when Sonny thanks him. Sonny says he's been dealing with these situations for years. Jax doesn't want to discuss anything where Nina might overhear and become an accessory. 

Valentin wants to know what was in Nelle's envelope, but Martin claims he doesn't know and if he did, he couldn't tell Valentin. Valentin is worried that Nelle had dirt on him or anyone he cares about. Valentin warns Martin that his first loyalty should be to him. 

Curtis wants to know about Britt and Cyrus, but Portia warns him not to ask questions. Portia doesn't want what happened to Taggert to happen to Curtis. She says she still cares about him. Curtis says he can't back off because of Jordan. 

Chase interrupts Cyrus and Julian's conversation to question Julian about Martin's mugging. He wants to know where Julian was at 5 PM. Cyrus pipes up and says he was with Julian. After Chase leaves, Julian thanks Cyrus for the alibi. 

Julian reads Nelle's letter, only to find out that it's not the real letter. Nelle said she knew Julian would come after the letter, which is why she left the original with someone else. Julian wonders who that could be, as the letter shows up at Pentonville, addressed to Ryan.

Robert and Peter get into it once again. Lulu breaks it up, and defends Peter. Robert says she's only seeing what she wants to see and needs to take the blinders off. 

Dr. Kirk tells the person in charge that Dante is ready for his mission. The person in charge turns out to be Liesl, who's thrilled that Dante will prove her innocence and Peter's guilt.