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Nathan Purdee and Kassie DePaiva Share Fond Memories of One Life to Live

One Life to Live grads Nathan Purdee (ex-Hank; ex-Nathan, The Young and the Restless) and Kassie DePaiva (ex-Blair; Eve, Days of Our Lives) are starring in a new flick together: Killian & the Comeback Kids! In a chat with Michael Fairman TV, the pair - plus Purdee's son, Taylor, the architect and star of Killian - reflected on their years on the legendary ABC soap.

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Purdee explained the pattern he saw in multiple soaps' cancellations:

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I was so disconnected by that time. I just knew it was ending, and it wasn’t the first soap to go. I saw it happening when the other shows started being canceled due to, I could be wrong about this, but I put the blame on reality TV. By that point I had moved on in my personal and private life. I was doing a lot of theatre then, traveling back and forth from North Carolina, really trying to keep busy, and fighting off the depression of not working full-time. I missed Jim [DePaiva, ex-Max] and Kassie the most, but I was thrilled that I could bump into them at any time and visit with them. I kept in touch with Hillary B. Smith (Ex-Nora) and Bob Woods (Ex-Bo) and also, Timothy Stickney (Ex-RJ); in fact, Timothy Stickney’s wife did Taylor’s hair for the film.

DePaiva also misses her longtime job, adding:

I still miss it. I loved it. The hard part about this show in particular being canceled is –one – that there wasn’t closure on it. It kind of happened randomly, and there was still a lot more story to tell. They kept it going on General Hospital, where they’ll bring some characters there. So, it’s still in peoples’ minds. The second part is the friendships and the family connections that you’ve made over the many years that you’re there. Nothing lasts forever, that’s for sure, but as you were saying, there’s no streaming of these shows, but if you catch an episode on YouTube, One Life to Live, truly stands alone. It just has great stories, great characters, and there is connection there that is very real.

Asked if he'd work with DePaiva again, Purdee said:

That’s my contract: Kassie has got to be in it. So, let me say this about Kassie, you had mentioned something about how much she has been working, and I look at Kassie as the James Brown of daytimes soaps. She is the hardest working woman in daytime television.