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The Young and the Restless Recap: Amanda Opens Up to Billy Before Questioning His Motives

Mishael Morgan

Mishael Morgan

Billy (Jason Thompson) consoles Amanda (Mishael Morgan) and tells her she has a right to feel a certain way because she lost out on a chance to know her sister. Amanda feels more out of sorts because Hilary was such a force. She says it all hits home for her because she realizes, deep down, they are very different. Amanda wonders if their respective upbringings were a factor in how they turned out.

Amanda relates how she felt she had to do well in school and be respectful because she knew foster homes were temporary. She thinks Hilary was able to be her uncensored and unfettered self because she didn't have those worries. Billy says he's sorry Amanda didn't have the unconditional love that Hilary did.

Amanda confesses she can't stop thinking about why Rose decided to keep Hilary and give her away. Billy assures Amanda there's nothing wrong with her, but Amanda wants to know why Rose made that decision. Billy advises her that she may be going in too deep. Amanda says she's already started poking around and can't find any record of Hilary's birth from any hospital in Evanston.

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Amanda tries to steer the conversation back to business, but Billy tells her he will always be there for her. Talk turns to the impending article. Amanda wants to know if Billy is willing to risk a fatal lawsuit just to stick it to the Newmans.

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