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Sherri Shepherd Dishes on Her Journey from The View to Dish Nation

Sherri Shepherd

The View grad Sherri Shepherd is reflecting on her time at the chatfest, including what Barbara Walters taught her. She now employs those same skills on Fox's Dish Nation.

She explained to TV Insider how Walters' toughness prepped her:

 I’m not shy about giving my opinion...I’m ready to jump in and be opinionated. I got that from Barbara. I’m very thankful because one thing about Dish is it’s seven other people who have opinions. That’s even more than The View. They’re all in my ear talking. You have to really go for your air space. I learned that from The View. It’s like you all better part the Red Sea so I can come on in here. And they’re good at letting me do it. 

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Shepherd admitted that The View hasn't been the same in recent years adding:

I think something was missing when Barbara left, because she was at the helm. She was guiding it. Because she is not there, you don’t see it. It’s a lot more serious. We are in a political climate so a lot of that does take up the air time. It is still a great show. I still watch it. I still scream at the TV. I still text Whoopi [Goldberg] and Joy [Behar] and Sunny [Hostin] about different issues.

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Shepherd also discussed Two Funny Mamas, her podcast with Kym Whitley. She looked back at her bond with Whitley

She was a bridesmaid at my wedding. I still rip her because she didn’t tell me not to marry my ex-husband even though she knew she didn’t want me to marry him. I tell her, 'You know you were in it because you got a free iPad and a trip to Chicago.' She doesn’t deny it. We go back to when we were both struggling comics. We lived across the way from each other. I had an apartment, and she had an apartment. We were both struggling together. We would both talk about our dreams and what we wanted to accomplish.