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The Bold and the Beautiful's Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Talks Insta-Addiction and That Knife

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

The Bold and the Beautiful star Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) is acting her heart out as her character battles addiction. The Emmy-winning actress sat down with Michael Fairman TV to discuss the storyline, including the speed with which Steffy got hooked on opioids.

The accelerated pace of Steffy's addiction led some to question whether or not such rapidity was realistic. MacInnes Wood explained that addiction can happen so quickly...and the storyline was originally going to be spread out, but timelines changed. She noted:

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I did some research on YouTube on opioid addiction from first-hand accounts of addicts and the effect on just them, but also on the grief it had caused their families. I originally had mistakenly thought, 'It must take years to become addicted,' and I was very surprised by how quickly and easily one can be trapped in pain management, and many cases are heartbreaking. You always think, with opioids, 'Oh, this can’t happen to a lot of people,' but it’s not just, 'Oh, the "crackhead" down the street…' It could be a mom, or these people who have a surgery, or an accident, and then they just get on these pills, and it happens so quickly. Yes, the storyline happened extremely fast, but there is truth to it because addiction does happen very quickly in this world. 

The other thing I have to say, I think what Brad Bell (executive producer and head writer, B&B) did so elegantly, is that we were going to tell this story, and we were going to tell this story for a very long time. I love that he was very perceptive to this – that we are in a dark time right now. It’s a dark world, and I think that it is important, again, to shed some light on this, but we didn’t want to necessarily drag it on too long because it’s like, you watch every news outlet, and it’s depressing, and it’s depressing everywhere.

That big confrontation scene, in which Steffy details her emotional agony at losing Phoebe (AKA Beth), wowed fans. Turns out pulling the knife was the brainchild of Thorsten Kaye (Ridge). She dished:

Thorsten Kaye came up with this idea that Steffy should have a knife because Ridge would want to go to her and grab her, and the only thing that would maybe keep him away. She is so angry, and she does have so much emotional baggage, and yes, she is in pain from her motorcycle accident, but I think that a lot of people saw in that phone call from Hope [Annika Noelle], where Hope said, 'Oh, Kelly wants to spend another night,' that was that whole mental shift of, 'Oh, my God, this is my worst fear. It’s finally happening. My daughter doesn’t want to stay here. I am truly alone. I don’t have anybody.' 

Check out the rest of the fab interview here.