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Kim Delaney Reflects on All My Children and Discusses Joining General Hospital

All My Children alum Kim Delaney (ex-Jenny) is about to debut on General Hospital as Jackie Templeton. She shared her fond memories of AMC and discussed her impending GH arrival in an interview with TV Insider.

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She reflected:

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I had the best time when I was on that show, playing Jenny. I think I knew that it was special but I wasn’t fully quite aware of the magnitude. I remember Carol Burnett (an AMC super-fan who recurred on the show as Verla Grubbs) took six of us out to dinner to this beautiful restaurant in New York. She said, ‘Guys, you have to know how special [this show] is. You may not fully know it for 20 years, but it is.’ We just had so much fun doing it. Steven Bochco said something similar to me on my first week of NYPD Blue. And because of my time on AMC, I was able to say to him, ‘Yeah, I know.’

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Of AMC head honcho Agnes Nixon writing Jenny's death in a jet ski accident, Delaney remembered:

That’s funny. I loved Agnes . She was such a beautiful woman. The show had me in that hospital bed for a while [after the jet ski exploded]. I think they were trying to figure out if they could talk me into staying. I said I wasn’t playing any games. I was thinking, ‘Let’s see what else was out there.’

How did her Port Charles stint come about? Delaney added:

Frank Valentini [executive producer] reached out. He got in touch with me. We had some conversations and he sold me on it. He started talking about where he was going to take this character and I said, ‘Let’s go!’