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WATCH: Saturday Night Live Spoofs The Drew Barrymore Show

Saturday Night Live turned to daytime TV for fodder on Oct. 3. The sketch program created a parody ad for The Drew Barrymore Show and referenced The Ellen DeGeneres Show's controversies.

A narrator announced Drew Barrymore (played by Chloe Fineman) by saying:

There is a new face in daytime. After seeing what went down with Ellen, we took a hard turn in the other direction.

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Fineman mimicked Barrymore's speech patterns and got the movie star's exaggerated mannerisms down pat. In the segment "Drew's News," she dramatically declared:

Hot off the press! Brushing your teeth is a game-changer.

Barrymore enjoyed the sketch, posting on Instagram:

 Watch the skit, featuring "Drew" in all her glory, below.