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Perkie’s Observations: Ava Shakes Off the Mansplainin' and Decides to See Ryan on General Hospital

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Marcus Coloma, Maura West

Marcus Coloma, Maura West

Ava accepts the collect call from Ryan. Ryan says he's missed her and he knows she loves him. Ava wants nothing to do with him, but Ryan says he needs to see her to discuss something. Ryan warns Ava that he gets angry if ignored. 

After the call, both Julian and Nikolas try to convince Ava to ignore Ryan. Ava says Ryan does things for a reason and is sitting on something. Julian tells her not to play his game. Nikolas says Ryan feeds off of her fear and tells her not to give Ryan what he wants.

Ava says Ryan murdered Kiki, but Nikolas taunted her about it. She feels that Nikolas isn't that different from Ryan. Nikolas admits he regrets what he did to Ava regarding Kiki, but swears he's nowhere as bad as Ryan. He doesn't want Ava to go through that again. Ava backs off, agreeing that Nikolas is not as bad as Ryan, though she doesn't forgive him for what he said. She says she won’t be played by Ryan again because she'll see him coming. 

Portia checks in on Trina, who's upset about being at the dance. She admits she gets random waves of sadness, then feels guilty during the moments where she's not thinking of Taggert. Portia says grief can be tricky. She asks about Cameron and Trina brushes it off. 

Dev goes in search of Cameron and Joss, and finds them Covid kissing. Dev tells Joss that Trina's upset, so she heads off. Joss takes Trina to one of the rooms to talk to her. Trina decides she'll stay at the dance.

Dev questions whether Cameron would have kissed Trina if he'd come across her first. Cameron says he didn't plan anything and he cares for both girls. He doesn't want to hurt either one of them. Dev says Cameron should tell both girls he just wants to be friends. Cameron's confused about his feelings. 

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Portia and Liz discuss the kids and how there might be something brewing between Cameron and Trina.

Molly and TJ discuss their plans for a commitment ceremony and a protest against Cyrus. TJ brings Brando into the discussion of the protest. He warns them that Cyrus is dangerous and not to get mixed up any further. 

Stella talks to Jordan and Curtis about TJ, and how he deep he’s getting into planning his protest against Cyrus. Jordan's upset, saying this will put a target on TJ's back. Stella says this is TJ's way of dealing with his trauma. 

Jordan speaks to TJ and Molly, telling them she doesn't want them to pursue the protest against Cyrus. TJ says they're only putting pressure on the board to neutralize Cyrus' power. TJ says he needs to do something. Jordan understands that TJ feels helpless, but he should focus on something happier. Molly agrees that TJ should speak with someone, but he's not there yet. 

Stella and Curtis discuss Taggert's death. Curtis talks about Trina and mentions knowing Portia in the past. Stella is curious, but Curtis says Jordan is aware of his past. 

Jason updates Sonny that Cyrus is getting more aggressive and trying to recruit people, including Julian and Brando. Jason says Cyrus is arrogant, which is how they'll bring him down. Brando arrives and Jason mentions his plan is to have Brando join Cyrus' team and let him think Brando is with him. 

Sonny says Cyrus is dangerous and doesn't want Brando involved. Brando says he's a trained soldier and knows how to fight. He wants to protect his new family. Sonny worries that Brando will be used as a hostage against him. Brando says he's ready.

Ava heads to Pentonville to talk to Ryan.