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Perkie’s Observations: Lulu Calls on Jackie Templeton to Help Bury Cyrus on General Hospital

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Jackie Templeton, General Hospital

Kim Delaney, Emme Rylan

Ryan tells Ava he knows that Julian knew Wiley was Michael's baby. Ava scoffs, but Ryan informs her that Nelle sent him a letter and he'll relay it to Sonny. Ryan says his silence has a price and he wants weekly visits from Ava. 

Anna and Finn continue to plan their wedding (how long is this wedding planning going to go on for?). Finn wants Peter to be in the wedding party. Robert interrupts to give Anna an update on Holly. He says he's gotten closure, and thanks Anna for helping him see the truth.

Robert brings up Peter again. Anna leaves to take a call from Valentin, so Robert tells Finn that he needs to look out for Anna. Finn tells him to back off and give Anna some credit. Robert tells Finn not to keep looking the other way. 

Olivia's home and worried about Ned. Monica admits she hasn't seen him for a few days. Olivia mentions their ongoing marital problems.

Ned and Alexis wake up together, hungover and regretful. Ned's still upset with Olivia for leaving when he needed her. Alexis tells him to get his answers. After he leaves, Alexis pulls out a bottle of vodka. Ned gets home and accuses Olivia of sleeping with Robert in Monte Carlo.

Dr. Kirk updates Liesl that Dante is on his way back to Port Charles. Liesl says she's going to neutralize everyone responsible for putting her in jail, including Anna.

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Dr. Kirk says he agreed to help her get Peter, but doesn't want revenge on any others. Dr. Kirk says Anna is a decorated agent, but Liesl insists she helped Peter frame her and turned Britt against her.

Dr. Kirk is still uncertain, so Liesl plays on his feelings for her. She says they can't be together until Peter’s been taken care of and she’s free. Dr. Kirk agrees to continue with the plan. Liesl tells him he needs to go to Port Charles with Dante and not leave him alone. 

Amy runs into Brook Lynn and wonders when she'll be able to sing again, which makes Brook Lynn uncomfortable. 

Lulu meets with legendary Globe reporter Jackie to convince her to help with outing Cyrus' true intentions. Jackie says her research shows Cyrus is just a simple philanthropist, but Lulu says he's a criminal. Lulu says Cyrus is using the hospital for something big, but doesn't have the proof. Robert spots them together and calls out to Jackie (Templeton, formerly played by Demi Moore).

Michael tells Carly he asked Willow to adopt Wiley. Carly questions Willow, who says this would tie her and Michael together forever. Willow admits there's something brewing with Michael. Carly tells her to let her love for Wiley guide her. Willow tells Michael she's decided to adopt Wiley. 

Nikolas questions Julian on Ava's whereabouts, but when Julian says he hasn't seen her, Nikolas figures she went to Pentonville.

Nikolas shows up at Pentonville and wants Ava to leave. Ryan’s not happy and accuses Ava of being in love with Nikolas. Ava begs Nikolas to leave so she can finish with Ryan. Ryan tells Ava that she needs to divorce Nikolas.