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Perkie's Observations: Surprise, Surprise! Chase Reunites With His Mama Jackie on General Hospital

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General Hospital

Kim Delaney, Josh Swickard

Robert's happy to see Jackie until she punches him in the gut for dumping her all those years ago. Anna comes to his rescue, then introduces Finn, who already knows Jackie. Chase shows up calling Jackie, "Mom."

Finn explains that Jackie is his stepmother and the two go a couple of rounds of snarking. Jackie and Chase catch up, and she says she's ready to meet Willow. Finn deflects on Chase's behalf. Jackie says she's in town until her story is done. 

Robert apologizes for hurting Jackie her all those years ago. Jackie offers her condolences on Holly's passing.

Michael and Willow celebrate her decision to adopt Wiley. The two announce it to Monica, who's thrilled. Monica mentions how their marriage can be real now that Nelle is out of the picture. 

Willow tells Michael they need to decide what their marriage is. He asks if she wants a divorce or to go back to how things were before. Willow wonders how things will work if they want to date other people while they're married. Both are ready for Willow to adopt Wiley and maintain the marriage as is. 

Valentin runs into Sasha and is concerned for her well being. Sasha snarks him out, but admits she hasn't gotten over her breakup with Michael. Valentin tells her to move forward. 

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Brook Lynn asks Amy to sing. Amy misunderstands, thinking they'd be singing together, but Brook Lynn says she'd be singing for her. Brook Lynn says she can't be the voice of Deception right now. Amy turns down the offer. Amy explains about Man Landers and how messy it became. Amy says it will just become a bigger problem.

Monica searches out Brook Lynn to let her know that Tracy is worried about her. Monica wants Brook Lynn back in the house, but she refuses. She wants to stand on her own two feet. Amy changes her mind and tells Brook Lynn she'll help her. 

Sasha overhears Monica mention that Willow is adopting Wiley and sends a text to Chase. Chase tells Finn they'll never be able to tell Willow the truth. 

Olivia denies sleeping with Robert and says it's not who she is. Ned apologizes for his assumption, then Olivia explains what happened in Monte Carlo and Geneva. Olivia says she accepted Dante's rejection. 

Olivia says she understands they have problems in their marriage, but hopes they can make this work. Ned says he needs forgiveness for doubting her. (Ned, your lying pants are on fire.) Olivia says she wants their marriage to work. 

Epiphany complains to Jason about Britt's reign. Britt interrupts and tears a strip off of Pif and warns her to do her job. Jason defends Epiphany, but Britt says she runs the hospital, not Cyrus. 

Jason needs a follow up from his motorcycle accident and wants Britt to perform it despite the fact that she's an obstetrician. He tells Epiphany he wants to find out all he can about Britt. Jason wants to know why Britt is working with Cyrus. Jason tells Pif he thinks Britt might be the key to taking Cyrus down. 

Anna meets with Valentin, who tells her that he found out Alex wants her dead. Anna is surprised at how desperate Alex has become. Valentin wants to know why she wants Anna dead. Anna refuses to explain why, but tells Valentin they need to lure Alex here.