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The Young and the Restless' Sharon Case Explains Why Her Character's in a "Scary Place"

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The Young and the Restless star Sharon Case (Sharon Newman) is prepping for the next chapter in her character's breast cancer battle. While Sharon's first surgery wasn't successful, will the results of the second be different? 

Case told Soaps In Depth:

It’s a scary place for Sharon. Because it’s almost like she’s in more danger now than she was in the first place. Because when she first got into it, the doctors give you these solutions. You’re gonna get treatment, you’re gonna have a surgery… you think positively that you’re gonna do these things and that’s gonna be it.

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She continued:

But when that doesn’t end up resolving it, you feel as though your odds have now just gone down. So in Sharon’s mind, there’s a better chance that these test results are going to come back worse than the last test results. I think she’s really starting to prepare herself for the worst. But she’s doing it in subtle ways, with people around her, for the people that she leaves behind to be set up and okay in the case of her departure. And while that’s difficult to face, I think at this point, she’s ready to face that.

If Sharon survives her cancer battle, what might be next for her? Case speculated:

Whatever that has to do with her love life or what she does with her career, who knows what she’ll endeavor to go and actually do. How that might change her family dynamic. Sharon’s always been this kind of stay-at-home mom, Mother Earth-type, which has been lovely. But maybe what this storyline could mean when it ends is we see an entirely different second chapter to the other half of Sharon’s life.