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Perkie's Observations: Mike Shows Up to Free Sonny From His Guilt on General Hospital

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Max Gail, Maurice Benard

Max Gail, Maurice Benard

Port Charles prepares for Mike's funeral. Kristina's finally allowed out of the unused closet to attend her grandfather's funeral.

Ava offers her condolences to Sonny and Carly.

Brando and Dev arrive together. They're grateful for the time that they had with Mike. 

Ned and Olivia, Jason and Sam, and Michael and Willow also attend. Carly thanks Stella for being there for Mike and them. Josslyn tells Sonny she loved Mike, while Jax offers his condolences. 

Brook Lynn also offers her condolences. Diane offers an ear for Carly and Sonny. She thanks Liz for her support.

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Liz praises Sonny for his treatment of Mike.

Michael, Liz, Brando, Jason, Stella, and Sam give eulogies. Olivia gives a eulogy on Dante's behalf. Ava gives a eulogy on behalf of Avery. Carly gives a talk about Alzheimer's and its effect on her family. She talks about Sonny and Mike's relationship. 

Sonny speaks about his father, their past , the difficulty of this disease, and how things worked out for them in the end. 

Josslyn talks about Mike's love of music, then sings a song while everyone has flashback memories of them with Mike. 

After the service, Sonny sits alone in the church and talks about how he doesn't want to let Mike go. Mike's spirit appears and tells Sonny not to romanticize him. Sonny feels badly for not bringing his father back into the family sooner. Mike thanks Sonny for forgiving him and tells him to forgive himself. Mike tells Sonny that he loves him before going back into the light. 

As Sonny leaves the church Dante shows up. (I knew when the episode started this would be Dante's homecoming, but I was expecting it to be when everyone was still there. Also, Dante honey, you need a shave!)