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WATCH: Sharon Osbourne Opens Up About Suicide Attempt on The Talk

On The Talk's Oct. 8 special, Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood, Carrie Ann Inaba, and Eve opened up about their own struggles with mental health. Osbourne revealed that she attempted suicide in 2017, which led her to seek help in a facility. 

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Mrs. O shared some memorable moments of meeting other women struggling with mental health. Of two young women in particular, she recalled:

They told me they were drinking and using drugs…both of them, their mothers had committed suicide. And it messed them up so bad, that they couldn’t cope with their lives and that shocked me into…am I going to do this to my family, my babies, no way. And that shocked me – it was like an electric shock and it was like, 'Get it together. '

She added:

It was like, 'Look at these two girls. If I try this again, this could be my kids.'

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Meanwhile, Taraji P. Henson shared her experiences with menopause and depression. She said:

I heard you talking earlier Sharon, and everyone on the panel, about you know, having these thoughts of taking your life or even trying, you know, I just had that just recently. And, I was like oh my God, I think I need to have my hormone levels checked. But someone had to tell me, because we just don’t talk about it as women, we don't. And I didn't even know that that was going on. I thought that my depression and my anxiety was getting worse, you know, because of where we are in the world.

Eve got candid about her ongoing struggles with anxiety and worries over medication. 

Radio DJ and bestselling author Charlamagne Tha God opened up about experiencing what he called "parental paranoia," fearing for his three daughters.

These discussions came in time for Oct. 10, World Mental Health Day.