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Perkie's Observations: Dante Knock, Knock, Knocks at Lulu's Door on General Hospital

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Dominic Zamprogna, Emme Rylan

Dominic Zamprogna, Emme Rylan

Sonny and Dante hug. Dante's sorry he missed the funeral, though Sonny feels he's right on time. Dante says he feels better and he was officially released. Sonny says Lulu and the kids will be happy, as will Olivia.

Dante asks about Mike at the end. Sonny says he had to let him go, which Dante finds courageous. Sonny wants Dante to go to the reception at Metro Court, but Dante isn't ready to be around a big crowd. He asks Sonny not to say anything to Olivia.

Josslyn tells Carly that she and Cameron kissed, and she doesn't know how to tell Trina. Carly understands Josslyn's confusion, but feels she should discuss it with Cameron and Trina. Carly brings up Josslyn writing in her journal, but Josslyn says she's no longer using it and it's in a box in the basement. Dev overhears all of this. 

Trina gives Curtis and Jordan the stink eye. Ava reminds her that Curtis saved her life, but Trina's still upset they trashed Taggert's good name. Cyrus interrupts to point out how good men make mistakes. (That's all this guy does. Shut up and mind your beeswax Cyrus!). 

Cyrus says Taggert lied. Trina accuses him of being a corrupt liar and killer. Curtis gets Cyrus to leave Trina alone. Trina tells Ava she's tired of feeling helpless. Ava tells her to use her anger and change the narrative for Taggert. 

Curtis warns Cyrus to leave Trina alone. Cyrus counters that Trina needs to learn some manners. Cyrus dismisses Curtis' warning and tells Jordan to bring him a police file. He says she knew he would be calling in favors from her.

Cyrus asks Ava about Julian, saying he has business to discuss. Ava says the Jeromes dark past is behind them. 

Brando's pushing Jason to discuss Cyrus' business at Mike's funeral reception, but Jason's not having it. Sam wonders about the tension between the two She then tells Jason that she's worried about Alexis.

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Alexis shows up for the reception and Sam gives her the third degree as to why she missed the funeral. Alexis claims she slept through her alarm, then heads out to the patio by herself. Alexis pulls the biggest bottle of vodka out of her purse ever . . . seriously, has that girl not heard of a flask? . . . and Olivia sees her pour it in her glass. 

Monica tells Ned that Tracy called her, concerned about the state of Ned and Brook Lynn's relationship. Ned says he wanted Brook Lynn to grow up, though Monica says throwing her out makes him very much like Edward. Ned says he's nothing like his grandfather and wants to patch things up with Brook Lynn. Monica tells him to do it quickly, or Tracy will show up to fix it. 

Brook Lynn apologizes to Olivia for erasing her phone message. Olivia accepts he apology, saying she wants the family to get back on track, since life is so short. 

Brando asks Dev if he told Josslyn about his feelings. Dev says she put him in the friend zone. Gladys shows up. She's upset that she missed the funeral because one told her when it was. Gladys complains to Carly and Jason that Brando should be a trusted associate for Sonny rather than just a garage owner. Brando warns his mother to stay out of things, but she pushes, saying Brando deserves more. 

Trina tells Josslyn she's going to prove that Taggert didn't frame Cyrus and clear his name. She wants Josslyn's help, and she agrees. 

Dev heads to the house to snoop in Josslyn's belongings for the journal. (Dude, stalker much?)

Cyrus shows up at the reception, even though Jason tells him he's not welcome. 

Lulu and Dustin are being cute when they both admit they're in love with each other. Lulu suggests they take the next step and have Dustin move in. Dustin wants to respect Dante's relationship with the kids. Lulu says Dante will always have a place in their lives, but she needs to move on. 

Dante shows up at the door.