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Days of Our Lives' Kristian Alfonso Talks Hope vs. Herself: "A Job Is a Job"

Kristian Alfonso

Kristian Alfonso

Days of Our Lives star Kristian Alfonso (Hope Williams Brady) opened up to Glamour about her decades on the soap and what she learned during her tenure in Salem. That includes prioritizing both herself and her valuable relationships with cast and crew.

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Alfonso shared some major life and career lessons she learned on set, including valuing one's nervousness. She admitted:

I am always nervous because I want to be great. I've never been the person who is like, 'Let’s just get this done and I’ll collect my paycheck.' I want the audience to feel what the character is feeling. I want to give it my best. I want to give them their money’s worth. They gave me their time; I want to give them some enjoyment. But even though I’d been at Days for so long, some actors would tease me for feeling nervous. But my parents would always tell me, 'Kristian, it’s good to be nervous—you never want to be too comfortable.'

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And although she played Hope for nearly four decades, Kristian isn't the same person as our Salem heroine. She added:

None of my identity is wrapped up in playing Hope. When they say cut, I’m out. I’m Kristian. Ultimately, a job is a job, and a lot of relationships—great relationships, even—are created [from those jobs], but never assume anything. Just show up prepared. Be professional. And always be respectful of your coworkers, regardless of who’s been there for how long. It doesn’t matter. We’re all trying to accomplish the same thing.

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Alfonso told the mag that showrunner Ken Corday had made her promise never to leave DAYS until the final show, but things changed. And, of course, she appreciates her time on the show. Alfonso dished:

I actually really thought about leaving Days four years ago. And I didn't. I stayed. Ken Corday asked me not to leave, so I stayed for him. I don’t regret my decision because Ken Corday has been truly wonderful to me. I love his family. I love his wife. I’ve always felt such great love and support from the Corday family. So I have no regrets about staying. Sometimes things happen in families and you need to take a breather, but that doesn’t mean your love diminishes.