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Stylist Willie Sinclair III Explains the Ins and Outs of Being Wendy Williams' "Sewing Elf"

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams is as bold in her clothing choices as she is in her "Queen of All Media" persona. The man behind those savvy looks? Stylist Willie Sinclair III, who explained to Paper how he earned the moniker of Williams' "sewing elf" and the importance of representing Black designers in daytime.

How did he begin to work with Williams? Sinclair shared:

My Wendy experience began in August 2012 when I moved to New York City and began interning in the wardrobe department at the show while attending FIT. At the time, I was the only intern at the show who knew how to sew. Therefore, I was given the task of custom sewing Wendy's bras to fit. One day I ran into her while waiting for the elevator and she called me her 'sewing elf.' The name stuck. About four months after my internship ended, I was invited to interview for the position of Wardrobe Assistant (replacing my former supervisor). I got the job and held the position for five years before being promoted to Wardrobe Stylist in 2018.

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Sinclair works to ensure Black designers are represented on camera, saying:

Since I began styling Wendy in September 2018, I've been intentional about incorporating Black designers into her wardrobe. Black designers have made undeniable contributions to the fashion industry and have historically been vanguards for global culture. Even so, their work is underrepresented on daytime television. Wendy's looks provide important commentary on the fashion landscape of daytime talk. It's important to normalize featuring Black designs for the sake of television history.

Sinclair and his colleagues also make sure every look on The Wendy Williams Show is quintessentially "Wendy." He added:

Wendy is a very opinionated woman, so she has a lot of say in what she wears. The entire glam squad (Merrell Hollis on makeup and Jasmine Kelly on hair) meets with Wendy weekly to discuss what we're cooking up for the week ahead. It's her chance to say 'Um….I'm not too sure about that dress' or 'Maybe we should try that in a different color.' This helps me keep the essence of her personality in every look.