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Perkie's Observations:  Nikolas Catches Heat About Ava From Britt on General Hospital

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Marcus Coloma, Kelly Thiebaud

Marcus Coloma, Kelly Thiebaud

Dante tells Lulu that he's back, just as half-naked Dustin comes out of the bedroom. Dante turns to leave, but Lulu begs him to stay. Dustin introduces himself to Dante before leaving. 

Dante says he's been officially released. Lulu and Dante discuss the return, and she gets angry with him for leaving her. Lulu says she did what he asked, which was to move on. 

Lulu's angry that Dante's back after only a year and a half, despite telling her he'd be gone forever. Dante apologizes for hurting her and Lulu says she's made a good life with Dustin. Dante says he's never leaving his family again. 

Olivia wonders how Ned was able to help Alexis the night before. Alexis says Ned was supportive after Neil's memorial. After Olivia leaves, Ned asks Alexis not to say anything about their night together. Later, Olivia tells Ned that she saw Alexis drinking. 

Gladys insists that Brando get a bigger piece of the Corinthos pie, but Carly won't take any crap from her. Sam says Gladys can't make demands. Carly says today is about Mike's memorial and for Gladys to accept what she's already been given. 

Cyrus insists on paying his respects to Sonny, and praises Brando. Jordan arrives to bring Brando down to the station for Jason's accident. Gladys comes to his defense, but Jordan says the part was tampered with. Brando insists he didn't do it. Sonny tells him to get himself a lawyer. 

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Later, Brando tells Sonny this is his way into Cyrus' organization. Sonny's not happy, but Brando says he created a public rift between them Cyrus fell for it. Jason tells Brando he can't look too eager because Cyrus will see through it. Brando is certain this will work. 

Liz is still uncertain about forcing NAva to pay for the photos. Scotty and Franco try to convince her. Liz thinks if she talks to Nikolas maybe he'll change his ways. She says she realizes that they're blackmailers. Franco reminds her that NAva disrespected their marriage. 

Nikolas runs into Britt at the hospital and questions her decision to work for Cyrus. Britt says she's at the hospital to save lives and stay out of the mob stuff. Britt brings up Spencer and his hatred for all things Ava. Nikolas says it's complicated and Britt realizes he has feelings for Ava. Britt warns Nikolas that he's playing a dangerous game around Ava, then decides she doesn't care about his life anymore. 

Ava tells Julian that Ryan has the letter from Nelle and will hang onto it if she visits him every week. Ava mentions Nikolas showing up, which angered Ryan. Julian tells her to divorce Nikolas so he can get the letter. Ava's not in a hurry to lose her share of the Cassadine fortune without a guarantee that Ryan still won't send Sonny the letter. Julian asks whether she'll pick Nikolas or him. 

Nikolas arrives to find out from Ava what Ryan wanted. Ava says Ryan has something she wants. Nikolas asks if it's more important than their marriage. He asks her not to go back to Pentonville, but Ava says she has to.

Britt tells Scotty to have Ava divorce Nikolas. She says she's looking out for Spencer. Scotty promises that NAva will break up on their own. 

Jordan has questions for Carly regarding Nelle. She says the autopsy results are in and wants to clear up some things.