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Perkie's Observations: Anna Frets That Peter Will Fall Prey to Alex on General Hospital

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Finola Hughes

Finola Hughes

Anna tells Finn that Alex is trying to kill her and explains what happened when Valentin's men ambushed her. Finn wonders why Alex would be coming after her now. Anna says she doesn't love Peter any less knowing that Alex could be his mother instead of her. Anna worries that Alex could hurt Peter if it turns out that she's his mother. Anna says she and Valentin are planning to lure Alex so they can get answers from her. Finn worries this would be putting everyone, including Violet, at risk.

Finn thinks Anna should tell Peter the truth. Anna doesn't want to turn Peter's world upside down. She says he believes she's his mother, which helped Peter move past being a bad person. Anna believes finding out that Alex could be his mother will leave him ripe for her manipulations. Anna says Alex is as lethal as Faison. Finn thinks it's in Peter's best interest to know the truth. Later, Anna calls Peter to talk. 

Jackie wants to meet Willow, so Chase is forced to tell his mother that he and Willow broke up. He says he cheated on her when things started to go badly. Jackie's surprised, but thinks he might have a second chance. Chase tells her Willow has moved on.

Chase mentions he wants to make things right between his father and Finn, and wants Jackie's help. Jackie thinks Chase should butt out. Chase says it's time to get past whatever happened all those years ago. Jackie says it's a lost cause. 

Amy gives Brook Lynn a hard drive with her version of the Deception theme song. Brook Lynn thanks her, but reminds Amy she can't be seen, as everyone has to believe Brook Lynn is the one singing. 

Lucy's getting ready to meet the head buyer of Probella for a Deception Cosmetics pitch. Sasha arrives looking like road kill, claiming to be under the weather. Lucy says she can't postpone the meeting and does what she can to revive Sasha. 

Mrs. Madigan is less than impressed when Sasha messes up the presentation (why wouldn't Lucy have presented??). Brook Lynn takes Sasha aside to warn her that she's tanking the deal. Valentin tries to convince the buyer to stick around. 

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Sasha apologizes and gives a better sales pitch. Lucy wants the woman to hear Brook Lynn's recording, but when it doesn't work, she has the idea to have Brook Lynn sing live. 

Nina tells Jax she hasn't been able to find Phyllis to discuss the necklace. She's too busy thinking about Nelle and how she felt unloved her whole life. Jax says Nelle was a manipulator. Nina insists Nelle's childhood is to blame, but Jax points out that lots of people had similar issues growing up. He says all Nelle cared about was revenge. 

Nikolas wants to know how to keep Ava away from Ryan. Julian tells him to stop caring about Ava because she's just doing things to get his attention. 

Ava heads over to Pentonville. Ryan asks if she's agreed to divorce Nikolas in exchange for the letter. Ava says she can't divorce Nikolas and explains why she married him in the first place. Ryan says he sees a spark between them and it's not okay with him. Ava swears she's trying to get Nikolas to cheat on her so she can get the whole fortune. Ryan insists she get divorced before he gives up the letter.

Maxie and Peter are waiting for Dr. Navarro to give them their genetic counseling results. Britt shows up instead. Peter is thrilled to see his sister and the two hug. Maxie says Peter is concerned that he may be carrying something that could affect the baby. 

Britt checks the results and says she sees nothing that is a concern. She says Peter doesn't carry the Huntington gene that Faison had. Peter is still worried about his father's past. Maxie assures him that he's changed and allowed her to move on from her grief. Maxie thinks they should get married. Peter accepts her proposal and Britt congratulates them. 

Martin stops by to tell Julian that Nelle's body is going to be released, and as the next of kin, it's up to him to deal with the burial. Julian says to send Nelle's body to a Potter's field. Nina overhears and says Nelle deserves better. She asks Martin to release the body to her and she'll take care of everything. 

Jax doesn't understand why, but Nina says it was the least she can do for Nelle. Nina says she understood Nelle's desperation. 

Ava returns from her visit with Ryan. Julian that she thinks she's figured out a way to manipulate Ryan and get what she wants.