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Perkie's Observations: Jordan Gives Cyrus Her Hard Drive on General Hospital

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Cyrus Renault, Jordan Ashford, The Bold and the Beautiful

Briana Nicole Henry, Jeff Kober

Curtis and Portia discuss Trina and her grief for Taggert. Portia says Trina's anger is misdirected, even though Curtis saved her life. 

Jordan meets with Cyrus to give him a hard drive with the PCPD file he requested. Cyrus asks about Brando and Jordan says he's part of an investigation. Cyrus tells her to drop the investigation. Jordan agrees, but wants to know why he's protecting Brando. Cyrus believes Brando wasn't responsible. 

Chase invites Finn for a family dinner with his mother. Finn says it's not Chase's job to mend fences. Finn mutters something about the wedding that's not happening, which Chase questions. Finn mentions Alex and Chase, and wonders why she would risk getting caught by coming back to Port Charles. 

Mrs. Madigan wants to reschedule the sales pitch, though Lucy is desperate for her to hear Brook Lynn's song. (Someone explain to me like I'm Sonny why the song is so important in a sales pitch for makeup?)

Lucy berates Sasha for messing things up. Sasha snaps back at Lucy. Valentin calls Chase to come and deal with Sasha. Brook Lynn convinces Amy to use her voice while she lip syncs. Chase shows up and catches Amy in the act. Mrs. Madigan is shocked and walks away from the deal. Lucy yells at Brook Lynn and fires her. Brook Lynn complains to Chase and blames Valentin. 

Peter tells Anna that he and Maxie are getting married. Peter mentions his genetic results show no sign of Huntington's, but he has markers for rheumatoid arthritis. He believes he gets that from Anna. Anna says it didn't come from her since she had a full work up done recently. Anna decides not to say anything to Peter about Alex. 

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Maxie announces to Mac that she and Peter are getting married, much to Robert's disgust. Brando overhears and congratulates Maxie. Jackie wonders why Robert is upset about the news. 

Robert says he doesn't trust Peter. Jackie says she'll be working with Peter and Lulu. Robert warns her that Peter is dangerous. Jackie says she knows about Peter's reputation.

Mac calls out Robert for his behavior towards Peter and tells him to let things go. Robert agrees to back off unless Peter does something to someone he loves. 

Jordan pulls Chase from the motorcycle accident case. He believes the accident was deliberate, but Jordan says there is no proof Brando was responsible. 

Portia gets angry with Jordan for shutting down an investigation that could point the finger at Cyrus. Portia calls Jordan a coward. She wonders what it will take to get justice for Taggert. Curtis steps in reminding them that Cyrus is the enemy, not both of them. Jordan promises she's doing her best, but says she can't just make Cyrus disappear. 

Cyrus introduces himself to Finn and brings up his past drug use. Finn says if Cyrus wants to fire him he should do it already. Cyrus says he's looking forward to a productive and collaborative relationship. 

Cyrus calls Brando to let him know that the police investigation has been dropped, thanks to him. Brando wants to know what Cyrus wants in exchange. 

Anna tells Finn that she's found a way to prove whether or not she's Peter's mother.