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WATCH: Amanda Kloots Explains How Social Media Was a 'Lifeline' For Her

Amanda Kloots, The Talk

Amanda Kloots

Broadway actress Amanda Kloots stopped by The Talk on Wednesday where she was a guest co-host with the ladies. The panel discussed Meghan Markle's recent comparison of social media users to drug addicts during her appearance on a virtual summit. Kloots explained Markle's remarks were a bit accurate. 

Kloots stated,

There is sort of an addiction, and it is a part of our lives right now. However, I run two businesses through Instagram. It is how I make my living. And thank God it exists for that reason, because I'm not the only one, a lot of people do.

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Kloots, who recently lost her husband actor Nick Cordero to the coronavirus, explained how social media was a "support system" for her and how because of it she was able to survive. According to Kloots,

I will share the other side of it, which is, social media for me, the last six months of my life were a lifeline, a support system, an anchor to optimism and positivity. And doctors and nurses from all over the world, people all over the world, an army that got me every single day, and that's because of social media. So I think, you know, you have to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Watch Kloots' discussion below.