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WATCH: Hoda Kotb Shares Identity of "Worst Guest" on Today Show

Hoda Kotb

Hoda Kotb spoke her truth on a recent episode of Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live. Kotb and her former Today Show co-host, Kathie Lee Gifford, played a remote game of "Plead the Fifth." 

Gifford asked:

Hoda, who do you think was my least favorite guest of all time? And I bet it was yours too.

When asked about her least-favorite guest during her Today tenure, Kotb revealed:

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I know exactly who that is. It's Frank Sinatra Jr. It was the worst guest we ever had, bar none. He came for a book, he had a book he was promoting, and he didn't want to talk about it, so he didn't say anything.

Kotb pled the fifth when asked about the time she was most annoyed at Gifford and had a hard time naming three Gifford tunes. 

Watch the full WWHL segment below.