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General Hospital Grad Matt Cohen Talks Bringing Soaps to "Sci-Fi Experience" on Supernatural

Matt Cohen

Matt Cohen

Former General Hospital star Matt Cohen (ex-Griffin Munro) went back to his Supernatural roots. Cohen, best known for his role as a younger John Winchester on the CW's long-running show, returned to make his directorial debut in the final season of the series on Thursday's episode. Was it a little tough for Cohen to slip in the director's chair? 

Cohen explained to Variety,

There was all the pressure, but I just wanted to do the homework and I tried to do the homework as much as possible. I wanted to give the audience enough to satisfy them a little bit, but also enough to dissatisfy them so they come back next week. That’s what I was aiming for.

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How did Cohen get the layers of emotions that ran throughout the episode? Cohen explained to the trade paper he relied on the actor's faces, a technique he learned from being on a soap opera. Cohen revealed,

I had come off working on a soap opera a few years ago and there is something in me that soap operas do very well, and it can be really irritating to the actors a lot of the time [but] the camera will just sit on your face until your face sells the moment, and that’s your cut point. I tried to bring a little soap opera to the sci-fi experience.

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