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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Brings Her Receipts to Robert on General Hospital

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Maxie Jones, General Hospital

Kirsten Storms, Tristan Rogers

Carly and Sonny go through Mike's things. They find old photos of Sonny as a child in the old neighborhood. Sonny doesn't remember the photos and questions whether or not he might get Alzheimer's as well. Sonny thinks he should be tested.

Carly tells Sonny to wait until his grief has passed, but he thinks the sooner he knows, the better. Then, his kids can be tested if they need it. Carly says Alzheimer's tests aren't always accurate and there's no indication of a problem right now. Sonny also tells Carly that Dante is back.

Cyrus summons Brando for a meeting. Brando wants to know why Cyrus is helping him out so much. Cyrus says he's stepping up for him since Sonny won't. Cyrus says he needs someone with Brando's expertise on his team. Brando feels it would be wrong to go against Sonny to work for Cyrus. Cyrus thinks Sonny will be fine, as long as they keep the peace. 

Peter and Jackie discuss her time in Port Charles in the 1980s. Dante watches from the sidelines. Peter says he's willing to pay for Jackie's story on Cyrus. Jackie brings up Peter's history and questions why she should work with him.

Peter decides he won't work with her since her thoughts on him are tainted by Robert. Jackie says she needs to trust him to work with him. Peter swears by his current reputation. Jackie agrees, but says she'll only work with Lulu, without interference from Peter. 

Maxie tears a strip off of Robert for trying to protect her from Peter. She says Peter isn't anything like Faison and Robert needs to stop worrying. 

Maxie tells Spinelli that she and Peter are getting married, but he's not happy about it. Maxie says she wouldn't marry Peter if she had any doubts about him. Spinelli doesn't react happily, so Maxie angrily tells him not to taint Georgie's feelings for Peter. Maxie tells Peter about her ultimatum to Spinelli. She says she'll always pick Peter over him. 

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Robert tells Spinelli they need to change their tactic so Maxie doesn't turn on them and cling harder to Peter. Robert says to make nice with Maxie and stay close to her, while he does his best to prove Peter's guilt.

Spinelli offers his congratulations to Maxie and Peter on their engagement. Maxie wonders about his sudden change of heart. Spinelli says he wants their trust and friendship. 

Anna says she has a way to find out the truth about Peter's maternity and explains about the rheumatoid arthritis. Finn says it's more likely the RA would have come from Faison's side rather than the Devane women. Finn says she should just tell Peter the truth since secrets tend to come out. Anna brings up Finn's relationship with his father and Jackie. 

Brook Lynn accuses Valentin of using her and dumping her life in the dumpster. Valentin says she only has herself to blame. He adds that Brook Lynn should have told him that her voice wasn't back so he could salvage the meeting. The two argue back and forth before Chase breaks it up. Valentin likes Brook Lynn's fighting spirit. Chase tells Brook Lynn that she needs to deal with her father and the issues sooner rather than later. 

Olivia is overjoyed when Dante shows up at the mansion. Dante says he's back for good and Olivia saved him. He says he's back for her and his family. Olivia promises she hasn't given up on him. Dante mentions seeing Sonny at the church, and going to see Lulu and the kids. Olivia offers him a room to stay in. 

Valentin wants to discuss Alex with Anna. Valentin tells her to kill Alex before she kills first. He says they need to act because Alex is a danger to Valentin and Charlotte. Anna tells Valentin that Alex might be Peter's mother. 

Anna tells him about the memory transfer and this could be it. Valentin is grateful since it would mean he didn't betray Anna. He's certain Alex is the mother since Anna would never have slept with Faison. Anna says Peter will be devastated and Valentin understands why she's worried about Alex. Anna says she'll deal with Alex herself. Valentin warns her to be careful. 

Brando tells Sonny that Cyrus wants to recruit him.